Need Help WIth Line Up

Here is my current team: (Im at Handal)

Levi lvl 12 (training)

Stegodon lvl 31 (training)

ScallTooth lvl 16 (training)

Pearex lvl 31 (training)

Archeonis lvl 37 (training)

Sledgeskull lvl 43

Pyroviper lvl 44

Searex lvl 43

Georex lvl 43

Vulcaraptor lvl 46

Dullakhan lvl 44

Flamogun lvl 46

Marspin lvl 43 (want to replace)

Gigaceros lvl 44

GearHound lvl 42

Glazio lvl 44

Twigster lvl 44

Beowolf lvl 42 (want to replace)

Freezebear lvl 42 (want to replace)

Pengboss lvl 42 (want to replace)

Duskroc lvl 40

Grizzrex lvl 43(want to replace)

I would really love it if you guys could tell me some good arks to use. And if I should keep an ark. JUst plz help me. Thank you in advanced.

Looks really good right now!

You’re going to want to head waaaay back to Orlen, and head straight south to the very bottom of the map. Catch some Frostjacks, and DON’T evolve them or level them at all. They’re needed for fusion. Also, go back to Windon and search for some Cherubs.

Voltyke works too, as its final evolution is fantastic for boss battles.

Check here for more.

Thx so much! Really aprecciate it! :smiley: But what are the frostjacks used for? Where can I get that recipe?

No problem.

Frostjack can fuse with Cherubion to create Luxknight, a very powerful 9.5* angelic monster. Its moves are Bladedance, Doubleslash, Glare, and Luminate. It also has great stats for a holy arkadion.

Frostjack can also fuse with Skullwraith to create Luxknight’s counterpart, Shadowlance. It is a 9* Humanoid monster that also has fantastic stats. Its moves are Eclipse, Doubleslash, Dusk, and Metal Slash.

Both recipes are obtained via quests very late in the storyline.

Can’t seem to find frostjacks, low chance of pop?