Just started yesterday and need help with team

So right now the good members in my team are thunder back , cold heart , stegotops, cherubion, and flamogun do u guys have any suggestions on new monsters I could add to my team?


Catch Levi by Finam. You’ll need it later anyways. It is fused with cherubion to make Angelon, a very powerful monster.

Look in the “Where’s that monster” section for guides on catching rare monsters

Thanks just caught Levi!
Any one else have a good suggestion ?

Anytime. And congrats!

Errr…umm…hmmm…lavaraptor. Mountain range straight east of Finam.

Or pearex, forest by orlen. South, then east, then north

Rexy is a nice monster if you evolve him into a Georex

He can be found 1 spot left from the Cave of Ages, or south-west from Ergan (I think, correct me if I’m wrong)

You got it, Numbers

Can I call you numbers?

Seems easier than saying / typing your name

Of course B)

It sure is easier than typing 0023567467

Thanks so much guys still have a couple spots to fill but this has helped

Go and get pearex as well. You can find them in the forest near orlen. Also when you do get far enough, get a Plasmorex. Happy hunting’ and good luck (:

Where can I find a Plasmorex?

Plasmorex is a fusion. You need skullrex and plasmodious

You can get Penguini rank S in Orlen/the starter town. It evolves into a Don Penguini which is very useful. It has 8,5 stars.

So I leveled all the monsters u guys suggested any more monsters I should check out

Catch frostjack on the very southernmost tip of the peninsula south of orlen.

You’ll want two high ranked ones…do NOT evolve them. I repeat, do not evolve.

You’ll need em for fusion.

Try for hatchlings if you have the time and patience. Careful though cause they have low spawn rates. ( you use the frost jack btw for luxknight and shadowlance. Both are good arks. )

Sweet where do u get fusion for lux and shadow?

I’ve forgotten where, but just do all the quests and you’ll get recipes from some.

Shadowlance on the peninsula by Kallaku. South of it. Snowy region. Defeating a powerful bandit.

Luxknight…I believe it’s one of the bandit quests in the snowy region.

Keep in mind that most Recipe Monsters are given through quests that have prerequisites. Therefore, it is necessary to go back to every town, starting from Orlen, and making sure that every quest is completed. Then, go through it all again. It’s important to get all of the quests, otherwise the later ones won’t appear. I’m pretty sure that Gremknight and Barricadus are both good examples. Thale…Thade…Thrale…Thrade? I don’t know…but you do get multiple recipes from the same dude. it makes sense that you need to finish earlier quests first.

wat r some other good fusions?

Some people like nilomoth. So you can maybe get one and test it out