Can i get an opinion?

Tell me what you think please
Coldheart 99, Barricadus 55, hydrowyrm 99, freezebear 62, Glazio 99, deletroid 63 and 60, nilox 75, narlance 57, duskroc 50 and 63, mammut 74, marspin 69, blazewing 69, jabbit 60, remus 45, snowstag 48
Hedgeheat 57 and 56, hammertooth 60, stormfox 56, dullakhan 60, pterosaur 57, flamorider 69, solama 49, moji 58 and 59, nitrobird 69, and don penguini 99.

I know my team is not great, right now i am trying to get an omegawyrm. Thanks

If that is your singele player line up, just throw in some stun, preferably stun skin and flash bomb for bosses

But if you wanna get advice on pvp line up, you should work it first

I have finished single player completely, so this would be more for PvP

Just an FYI, the levels don’t matter for PVP.

Just the arkadions

Then what monsters should i get and what should i replace them with

For pvp you only take 15 monster, I’d say you should farm for angelron (leviathan + cherubion), barricadus (blockhead + metalo), shadowlance/luxknight (skullwraith/cherubion + snowjack) and gremknight (gemly + knighthawk)

These fusion monster while not as strong as the wyrms (magma, typhon, omega) and destructor, will open up a whole new strategy to use, from your line up i will use storm fox penguini and the wyrm,

You should starto farm more, btw, to win doesn’t reallyneed full strong line up, just need a good strategy

What about for the other 7-8 slots, should i put more then one of each?

In pvp it is limited to 1 per species, so you camnot put 2 angelron in your line up

Let say you don’t have any wyrms, you could use barricadus angelron shadownlance luxknight gremknight coldheart kentucky don penguini starter raiho raijin stormfox inferneo/orcow skullwraith chopperbug

That way you could set up a time strike combo, dreamreaper combo, and stun > last stand/showdown combo, as for how you arrange the line up its all on you :wink:

The above ark should be less punishing to get then the wyrms, except maybe frostjack x2 which you will need for shadowlance and luxknight, and cherub x2 a bit frustating because they keep sacrificing themselves, but you can always set up a stun chain and weaken them, as they are more common

If you decided to go for the wyrm then good luck and try to persevere, you will eventually get all the wyrms

Thanks so much for yout help

New and improved lineup, in order

Don penguin

Im working on getting frostjack and cherub, any new recommendations?

I advise trying to get:Raptorex,Georex,Leviathan,Vulcaraptor,Searex,and Pyroviper.Theyre very powerful,and not super hard to get.

Get glazio out, try to farm nilomoth, nilox + mushora and gremknight, gemly + knighthawk, they are super usefull, believe me

Bring chopper order higher and angelon lower

And as per khaled farm for those monsters. It will help a lot.

No Plasmorex?! For Shame!