My team ( advice very welcome )

Angelon (99)
And a few other lower levels any ideas on how I can improve?

Obviously you could level up your other low levels :stuck_out_tongue: but you should go for a dreadwolf, you have a pretty decent spread of the elements but you lack water entirely. Also you could pick up a pearex in the forest east of Orlen to evolve into an 8.5* Raptorex (wind) and Nilo in the mountains east of Takran to evolve into an 8.5* Nilox (elementless) or fuse with a Musharoo for a Nilomoth, an elementless circle lol. It’s a matter of preference for which to choose out of the last two; Nilomoth can take a hit and Nilox can pack a punch, both are good at attacking and defending, really.

Hope I could help :slight_smile: good luck.

Get a luxknight. To get it, you fuse a cherub and a frostjack.

I would get a luxknight but I have done all the quests and haven’t got the recipe soo

Also thanks heaps Jordan!
Any other advice welcome!

Don’t be afraid to have to of the same monster! Another geo Rex perhaps. Just an idea.

No problem, I’m happy to help! The luxknight recipe is found once you defeat the bandits for the last time in one of ecaves in the snow area, not sure exactly which one but I’d suggest you look at all the cities in the snow area and look for any quests you missed there.

If you need any other recipes this is a very useful guide:

Good luck :smiley: