My Arkadion team (looking for advices)

Currently in my team I got :

Glazio lvl 64

Blazerunner lvl 62

Bloodclaw (got it in my first egg spin ) lvl 62

Flamogun lvl 55

Frostjack lvl 59

Voltiger lvl 62

Raptorex lvl47

Pengboss lvl 60

Marspin lvl 62

Nilox (another lucky egg spin) lvl 62

Blazewing lvl 61

Inferneo lvl 61

Duskroc lvl 61

Georex lvl 62

I’m looking to improve my team. If anyone has ideas, I’d be glad to hear them !

Well, I’m probably the worst advisor you could find, but I don’t really like dusk roc, marspin, blaze wing, of inferno, but I’m really just that person with no strategy. I suggest trying to get some other guys in your team like angelon, shadowlance, nilomoth, and those guys.

Blazewing, duskroc, marspin, and inferneo are not great.

Also do not evolve the Frostjack, since Frostjack is used for luxknight and shadowlance fusion.

As storm said. Try for Angeleon, shadowlance, luxknight, nilomoth, Omegawyrm.

Also try to get 101 arks, so you can get arky (: it evolves into arkwing and is useful.

Ok thanks !

try leviathan, gremknight, magmawyrm,typhowrym and dreadwolf! :slight_smile:

try and get metalo and metalodious you’ll need the un-evolved for a barricadus and an evolved for rare hunting(at least I had good luck with the method).