My street after an Ice storm.

my road lol


This may seem a little weird, but that looks beautiful.

Drive safely, Rex.

Don’t slip and fall rex. T-rex have short arms so it’ll be hard to get back up maybe xD

Looks a lot like my house.  Just with more snow.  Stay safe man.

LOL nice one

yup that’s basically what it looks like out here in Michigan. The tree branches are all slumped over like they’re drunk or something.

Yeah my backyard has trees fallen over and stuff 

Chalk one up on the victory board for western Canada, rex :3

Meanwhile, it’s 70 degrees Fahrenheit outside and I’m angry because there isn’t any snow.

Il send you some in the mail. Although i can’t promise it will be there when it arrives :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, you offered. x>

Still no snow here :slight_smile:

yeah i sat out on my porch last night because it was nicer outside than in my house. First day of winter, high of 73… i miss the north

Slush. Not snow. Slush here. Stupid rain.

This is when im going to say im glad i dont have snow where i live :slight_smile:

ive never seen snow lol

Ikr i really want snow but its not cold enough ='(
And i dont get why you people dont want snow (ingnore the fact it causes accidents and freezes hobos to death)

Because it’s dangerous if you’re not careful.

It was 70 degrees Fahrenheit that morning but it went down to… 40 degrees or something about four hours later.

Be careful Rex don’t drive like a maniac

Reminds me of northern Wisconsin. 


Whoops, sideways. 

Woah thats alot of snow!