What have I missed?

So I’ve been gone since New Years about and I was wondering what’s been going on. The reason I’ve been so inactive lately is I’ve been annoyingly busy and This week I have been sick but I’m getting better.

Well there is one thing :

we missed you:P

Its good that u feel better and u missed only one OM ark : Haniwel

The update isn’t out yet so u didn’t missed alot

Thanks Jeannette we’ll I missed you all too.
Yeah I saw that on Facebook on the announcement I’ve been so busy I haven’t been able to do it yet plus sickness but Tommorow I’m going to hopefully do it.
I’m not gonna waste my a pool till golden horn I’m jsyt trying to get guys theough eggs but I have awful luck

Haha, I totally understand. I’m glad you’re back and glad to hear you’re getting better!

Like Jeannette said, you didn’t really miss anything. I don’t keep up with OM much and I was also pretty caught up with the holidays, but I did notice some people did disappear… :frowning: I hope they visit back sometime.

But yep, everything else, nothing much. 

Good to have you back man!

++Also, be careful. I remember you live in quite a cold place and it’s FREEZING down here in Southern USA… well, haha, to my standards. It’s 22F… which is like -5.5C or something? Yeah. I can’t imagine how cold it must be up there. What, -33C? gosh :S

++Okay, I think -33C might be a stretch, but you get my point. Stay safe. ^^

Thanks kookaburra
Glad to see u guys.
Probably just busy because of New Years or school maybe
We’ll u all can expect me on the forums Sunday niot Saturday because I bet I’m going to have homework to catch up on Tommorow then do Saturday

Im so glad that I dont have to make homework anymore :smiley:

Please, that nightmare was days ago

We’re hitting a heat wave now

Not here. Haha. I WISH there was a heatweave. My lake is so frozen the ducks are walking on it

A heatweave would be very Nice yeah

Ill be careful im not sick anymore today which is good. I wish it was hot out.Its freezing here and there’s a lot of wind. Didn’t go to school yetserday so i dont have homework till monday because of being sick. Your lucky Jeanette.

Its winter and here its 16 degrees Celsius lol its not even snowing…
And luck? I work 7 days a week and 200+ hour a month :stuck_out_tongue: no life and no luck

It hadn’t snowed here yet either :’( but my poor chickens are still outside, braving the cold D:

(we put them in the garage so they wouldn’t be THAT cold… and I believe we have heaters, but that’s all we can do)

Glad to see you’re feeling better Mason!

Forget the birds, keep yourself warm!

Does anyone know if the OM unlock able creatures cycle through??? I want to collect every single one but just started playing during the hydra season

They should be released into the wild in some future update, so I think the next time you’ll be able to get them would be in the wild.

And please don’t post your questions in someone else’s thread unless it relates to the topic. Make a new thread, it’s okay. ‘7’ Thanks.