Happy New Years Everyone!!!

Happy new year everyone!

I know because of the different time zones not everyone is in the new year yet but soon will be. I am not in the new year yet either.

Just want to wish everyone a new year and if you are old enough to drive just be careful while driving tonight as a lot of parties will be going on. 

Hope everyone has a good time tonight! 

2 hours left :slight_smile:

It’s only 3:53 pm here so got quite a bit to go for me. In 2 hours i am leaving because i have a date lol. 

Happy new yeas to ALLL!!!

Happy New Year everyone! Some of y’all are already hours into the New Year… wow. x>

Half an hour from now , cant believe i can still type like this but Thats what autocorrect is for haha

Happy New year everyone.  Remember stay safe, spend time with family and catch those rare Arkadions! :smiley:

HNY all. Too lazy to spell it out.

Yup, happy new years to everyone! 5:38 here at the moment, so I still have quite a bit till it is 2014! Don’t forget about those new year’s resolutions either~ :wink:

I did stay safe but didn’t caught anything ! 

U are always lazy haha

Lazy? Sounds like me to :stuck_out_tongue: