Explaining the illegal Arkadion in your car to cops...

So this is very hard for me to say but I got pulled over the other day for having illegal Arkadion in my car…

Officer: Son, what is that?

Me: What is what?

Officer: That thing in your passenger seat. *Points to a Firesoldier*

Firesoldier: …

Me: No idea. I didn’t even know it was there.

Officer: Then what are those in ur back-seat? *Points at more Firesoldiers*

Me: I don’t know what your talking about…

Officer: Ok, then what is that duct-taped to the front of your car? *Points to a Snowstag*

Me: It ran right in front of me.

(I will continue this later :slight_smile: )

Officer: Explain that. *Points at a Vulcaraptor trying to escape the trunk.

(I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself.  If you want my personal opinion this thread should be an interactive story where everyone can pitch in.)

Me: *opens the car window* “what’s the problem officer?”

Officer: “why does your friend have a massive hood on and a scythe?”

Me: “Oh sorry he’s the neighbourhood skullwraithe. He’s the best man to use for a hit man job” *skullwraithe nods*

Everyone notices a wild herd of Yetigos rampaging off in the distance and forgets what they’re talking about.

(yes, I did just go there)

(God darnit crystal xD)

Officer: Uhh *Looks at yetigo* I have to go! *gets in car & picks up donut* dear god, please let this donut give me the strength to survive

(One question, how many damn officers are on patrol tonight lol?)

1 million

The cop goes to the yetigos,while some guy in complete black,who looks suspicious with a triphoon and gigarock comes up to the back of the car.

1 too few.

(Its cool pred, I hoped people would post on here)

Me: *Jumps out of the car and makes a run for it*

Officer: I and the SWAT here ASAP!(munches on donut) Holy god I see A FREAKING DRAGON!!!
Omegawyrm I just had to add the donut. Funny, when you think of cops you think of them munching on donuts.

Me:Im close to the forest, I then trip over a rock and see a glittering card, I then hear a voice say “I am the guardian of the forest and a first one, who awakens me”. When all of a sudden Arborus comes out of the card.

I got out of the neighborhood, as soon as I saw the chaos happening! I was running and running, into the forest that happened to be nearby. I thought maybe the chaos couldn’t catch me there. I took a moment to unwind. Holy crap! Dragons! And giant bear-bull things charging down houses!
What next? All of a sudden, a giant tree gets up. “Who awakens me?!” It yelled. I didn’t even know who it was talking to, or what was happening, but it didn’t appear to see me. I still ran like a bunny who robbed a carroid (carrots and roids) plant. I was running and running and when I thought I heard something, I turned around for a quick second and ran into a tree… That was the last thing I remember before I got very… Ti…red… *Starts to snore*