My Personal opinion

First of english is not my main language.

So my Personal opinion over this Game it is pretty good 7.5 / 10

There are a lot of things i like let’s start with that:

Easy to get into .
Good graphics.
Akt 1 was pretty amazing.

And there a few Things i didnt like:

Akt 2 / 3 No free movement and Mana consume
Prices are way over the top for my personal opinion. 100€ for 4 x10 summons.

I would prefer a 10:1 Ratio ( 10€ : 1 x10 summon )

The Mana usage.
100 Mana for 1EX Mission ist way over where it should be. Besides the Player Rank Mission that’s totaly worthless.
If you can afford it you log in. Do 1EX Mission and close the App.

Thanks for reading

I got it. It’s Mana. Iam sry my Phone autocorrected it. Now Go and SSC.


Mama usage ?

“Mana” usage

He did say English isn’t his first language

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All the posts so far in this thread have been about a mistype and he even said English isn’t his first language. Please show him some respect by ignoring this part of his post. All comments here should be constructive or on topic.

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