so…i reached rank 60 …i spent all my mana potions and atm i am playing hard online mode…

so now…i open game…play 2 rounds 45 mana each…and then game offers what;; i just exit game;; i dont know what else to do srsly…anyone can help;

Using mana potion or soul stones to refill.

Using soul stones to refill mana at lvl 60 is like sitting on the dentist‘s chair knowing he will turn on the drill. :grimacing: Also the summoning odds beating you to save as many gems you can.

so…we must waste our only happy part ( summom) just to play bit more! dont know…i feel disapointed

Qreat Guestions.


:poop: like this makes me glad that I know Neo enough to avoid f*****g with Evertale :joy:

Here’s a Guestion:

Why is the current event called “Return to Avalon” when this is the first time in the history of Evertale that “Avalon” has been mentioned?

We can’t “return” there if we’ve never been there in the first place.


A girl recently told me, “hit or miss, I guess they never miss huh?” And that confused me, I mean, how can you hit or miss, but never miss… WTF DID SHE MEAN, WHY DIDNT SHE JUST SAY HIT? IF YOU CANT MISS HOW CAN YOU HIT OR MISS!! ALL YOU CAN DO IS HIT! AHHHHHH!!:rage::rage::japanese_goblin:

Are you Itachi @Game_Account ?

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The first featured event ever was indeed Return to Avalon with Le Fay and we don’t even know wtf is she and wtf is Avalon