My declaration of halving my neo time, probably the 15th time now.

What I get for logging on for 400 days in neo monsters. I’ve been hatching duplicate Super Epics for the past few months, both from rare eggs and from normal eggs. I honestly am glad I got a Legendary dupe for Utopion because in the past 3 days, I’ve rolled like 6 rare eggs and all of them were super epic duplicates. Where the hell are the legendary monsters in this thing, forget legendaries where are the tons of super epics that I dont have in this thing. Let’s not get me started on the packs. Out of 400-600 gems I’ve rolled in late November to Now, I’ve only hatched 2 new legendaries. The other 2 legendaries and mythic I’ve got are from singles surprisingly. What’s bothering me is the fact that I’m not the only one that has complained about it. All the others thought that the egg system was rigged but that’s where their argument failed. It’s not rigged, it’s so bad that it’s worse than rigged.

The funny thing is that I would sh** to get back all these gems as a f2p player. I thought neo was for me because of the somewhat decent grinding that it has and the monster capture rpg spice. I honestly feel I’m wasting my time on a game that many claim you need patience to earn gems to hatch 1 or 2 legendaries to put in a team just to get clobbered again.

No offense to whales honestly, I’d be a whale if I had money to blow on this game. I dont even think if I spent 14-30 dollars I’d get a legendary. Yet I spent this same amount in war robots and got decent resources. If this is what you meant by gacha then no wonder gacha game companies dont grow very large.

(For those of you who ask where my evidence is, I can only say that I would have recorded all of my hatches if I knew they would have been this bad. I can just accurately look at my mons and recall the packs and the amount of gems I spent based on the events though)


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Yea I knew you would come here with something like that, out of everyone in the forum.

I guess that’s what I get though, for talking about a topic that affects everyone but no one has the balls to say anything, other than Don and a few others.

Last I checked you still have a running toilet so quit acting like you are entitled to something as a F2P player. If you think you’re wasting your time then just quit instead of throwing a pity party in here.

Stop getting angry because of what I just said. Get a life if you want to rage at someone online.

6 rare eggs in a row and all SE’s still a 3% chance or so. So it isn’t out of the realm of possibility. You also did not post your SE collection so we have now way of knowing if you’re being truthful regarding how many of the pool you have lol or what the contents of your eggs were.

I apologize for replying previously, now you actually seem like you read my post and have decent thoughts. The only reason I didnt post SEs was because I was just showing my legendary collection of what I’ve acquired:

Here are all my SEs:

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I’m also sorry for being so rude toward you. I guess I’m just tired of seeing this everywhere but from what you have posted you have a legit concern.

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Thats a lot bro, I once rolled over 450 for a tricranium

Since anniversary, ive spent over 300+ gems, and over 30 rare gems, i only got a gloreonix…

Welcome to the club


I know that there are a lot of people who roll a lot of gems and are similar to you. Though, I’m pretty sure they have a larger legendary collection than me. I don’t have that large of a legendary collection, yet I dont get any new legendaries, just SE and Epic dupes 90% of the time and its really frustrating.
In no way did I create this thread to be selfish as if I’m the only one having this problem. Yet I am also not saying that the egg odds are rigged or in accurate, they’re just garbage and it sucks. Squinty said that I’m behaving like f2ps are entitled to something. I also agree and I don’t want to be. I’m just highlighting something that makes both p2w and f2p feel angry in some way, and even quit the game.

If anyone is reading this post, although we all feel very similar about the topic, don’t bother with me, I’m not trying to make you guys quit the game.


See yall in the future, I’m outie.



try evolving nectareon and vinegazer (not to mention CWs) and get back to me as to whether or not your SE’s are bad…
(sorry - unevolved nectareon’s annoy me for some reason)


Are you taking full advantage of the fortune shrine, by saving 500 gems at all times? Because, if so, you’ll be getting 400-600 gems in that amount of time literally for free with no effort. It’ll keep you consistently hatching new legendaries, most likely at a faster pace than you experienced in the last 6 weeks. We all have some dry patches but the sheer number of gems we get from the shrine should keep things flowing.

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If there’s one thing people who complain about their hatches hate, it’s when people explain the math to them :joy:


misses out on hundreds of free gems from the fortune shrine by not saving until 500 gems

“The odds suck and the game is too p2w, I quit!”


Bro i hatched for bloomeluga a combined of 700 gems and didnt get her but i got onigeist 4 times… i cant see onigeist anymore i swear to god bro. Then i started hatching my ladt 40 gems for the moku banner last week and got moku first try. Thats so much better than bloomeluga. I mean im still kinda mad but i got moku now that makes me kinda happy