Show us your Monsters ! :)

Thats my team, im unlucky in eggs Spin , 100€ 1 Legendery xD


Wow you rich.

This game sucks right now. Also pay for eggs is bad… No contents, no maps, no nothing. Im
Very sad… I LOVED hunter island…
Why make a bad game after that masterpiece? *sigh*


Wow you guys are really lucky… In my 10+ times playing though the game during the beta where there were more gems available, I didn’t even get a single legendary, only super epics. My current save only has one legendary, kamiwyrm.

So i just got Gunfish, should i roll with him or crysdrake?

Damn Ur lucky…

lol wut? after using something like 7 eggs, I haven’t gotten a single legendary yet, at this rate, it might cost me like 10 eggs per legendary.

10eggs per legend,  U WISH

He isn’t lucky, he’s got tons spent. Probably 300-500$

Tell us chillqq, I’m interested myself, really

U got so many, Ur damn lucky

Around 600 AUD. Cant remember. 

428$ USD

Whew. Lot of money to spend here. At least you’ll be OP when competitive modes hit.

Same here. I’ve probably opened 400+ eggs during beta time and only got 2 legendaries. In my current game my only legendary is Omegawyrm which I transferred from HI and only super epic is Destructor because I kept restarting the game until I got something good. Since then only epics.

I kinda have the feeling that the system somehow increase your odds if you are spending money. I remember during beta very few people had legendaries.

Same for me…
I opened a lot of eggs during the Beta… And NEVER got a Legendary (just a few S.Epics and a a lot of Epics)
Now in the current game i have 1 Legendary (Omega, transferred from HI) and only 2 S.Epics : Blizzheart (got him in the first egg) and Aquallion (found in one of my last eggs)… and then Epics everywhere
And honestly i don’t want to spend tons and tons of money for buying eggs …

 damn 4 AOE spam water type, 3 auto-poison + poison eater holy + fire type, But I’m not sure skills of shadowkitten.  However, this team was such a damn good team. :S Suggestion is an angelon :3

Here is Mine

This is so sad, I loved that I didn’t have to have the deepest pockets to be good at hunter island, neo monsters just isn’t the game I hoped for.

In the new PVP system there will be a unique mode were only monsters you catch from the PVP island can be used, so you still don’t need deep pockets to win. Also the games have to make money some how.
Also with the many high end monsters can u afford to put hem all in your lineup. Wouldn’t it be over the max cost