135 rare gems nd 100 Gems Hatched

Neo Monster - 135 rare gems Hatched

Neo Monster - 100 gems hatched

No Mythic at All nd not even 1 legendary egg. Thats a new year gift fron dev well played. Meh disappointed.

Thanks @Dev_BRD @Dev_VKC


I had to roll 8 packs to get malwing and gyomarui and deo


I genuinely feel sorry for your rare eggs… !!


I’m one of your subscribers in your channel. Haha


I rolled 200 eggs this Xmas and new year and didn’t get one legendary including dupes :confused: sucks doesn’t it. Sad about the rare gems!


Welcome to the club


Don’t worry bro, we’re here for you. You wont cry alone.


Company here

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The new hatching system really sucks.
I rolled 4 packs and 16 rare eggs in Xmas and just got 2 normal legend dupes from rare eggs.
In new year, I rolled 12 packs and got one new exclusive legend and two exclusive dupes.
The rate for legendary is just a joke.

You got ashterios heavens bunker and bahamuzar, that’s not nothing.

What about mythic? What about new year guaranteed in 1 3 wait what about 6th pack? Are u happy with it? Wait u r F2P so…?

Yeah actually pretty happy with it. Every time you hit legendary you have a 50/82 chance of a limited legendary. Managed to go 30 eggs without a single legend dupe. Got malwing and celeshine for legends, along with the mythic( which tbh is extra).

I’m F2P, correct.

You and me alike! I’m sorry to see you didn’t manage to get a mythic with all your rare gems saved up. Should’ve had 1 hopefully with all those! I’m not sure how many of the rare egg pool monsters you have but Heavenswyrm is brilliant and the other three you got are good for opening up options in throw, OoO and link fire. They will serve you well :slight_smile:

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Someone said bcoz of mythics we can now get limted legends more welll dev just said - ■■■■■ Please! You Happy coz u spend on gems and get what u want well we save it nd spend on festival so we can get something the least and they just removed guranteed leg from 6th pack also r u kidding be bro.

Yup i got some good legendary from rare but 135 rare saving not getting a mythic is way too disappointed bro people getting them from single hatch and my concern is y they remove 1 3 & 6th pack guaranteed we get only chance to get featured from such deals.

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Maybe this game is for P2P players only. Hmmm My Bad


Because the math states that the average number of limiteds will be higher.

Those 1st and 3rd pack legendaries were nearly guaranteed to always be dupes. Now we have a 61% chance of any given legendary egg being a limited. If the legendary rate is 6.1%, then the overall chances of a limited in a single egg are 3.66%.

Therefore the chances of a limited legendary in a single 10 pack are about 30%, nearly 1 in 3. This is over double the 14% chance that we used to have for limiteds.

Not to mention that you can take the mythics into account as well. Hatch a mythic and it will have a 2 in 3 chance of being the limited mythic. Also note that the 1% chance of getting a mythic overall can be added into the “list of desirables” we have to get a 4.66% chance for something that we want in any given egg. This elevates the chance of getting something you want in a single 10 pack to 38% chance. Meaning that every single 10 pack you do is the near equivalent to opening a rare egg, with the chances of getting one highly desirable item nearly equal to that of getting a legendary in a rare egg.

This is faaar better then the original 1st, 3rd, 6th eggs we were getting before.

After going over the numbers turns out devs are actually doing the playerbase that doesn’t want dupes a favor. Unfortunately you’re not getting any guarantees, but on average you are coming out a lot further ahead then you were in the other eggs.

If some of the rumors I’ve heard of the 4 gems per eggs sticking around are true(@Dev_VKC confirm please?), then the only thing I can say is that everyone here that’s been complaining is having a very knee-jerk emotional response to changes devs are making. This is the most generous I have seen them so far, anniversary included.

So can we please stop complaining about changes? This is very literally a numerical proof of “more limited legendaries then before”.

If someone wants to dispute my math go ahead, but make sure to present proof as to how it’s actually wrong, and give me real probabilities please.


I know that but there is possibility that we can’t get any leg in six pack too bro, imo keep the changes only put 6th pack guaranteed thats it.

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Then there’s me the most hated person for rng :joy:

Yeah you’re something special in that department for sure.