6* Ticket reommendations

Hi everyone.

I have been playing for a little over a year and am strictly a F2P and PVE player.

I was wondering if you guys could provide some recommendations for use of my 6* tickets. I previously used the discount on Dusicyon, which has been great. I have now accumulated 12 tickets and am itching to use them. Since I am a PVE player I was trying to decide between Atrahasis, Goldtail, Ankoudragon or Flocculasaurus. I already have Emeraldeus, Terrordragon, Celestrion and Doomengine from some lucky rolls.

Since these tickets take so long to get I want to make sure I use them wisely. Any recommendations would be much appreciated!

P.S. I already have a +9 Galvbane :sweat_smile:

good to have just in case Gary decides to share his opinion.

If you are strictly pve you would probably want to choose atrahasis or goldtail but that would depend on your collection.

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Atrahasis will never stop being useful in PvE. You can use him with Death Revenge, stun lock and any cloners (like your Doomengine).

Ankoudragon is stupid good, and you can really abuse him with Aurodragon and Atrahasis. Arachnadiva or a decent Link Shadow in front line is needed if you want to make him work though.

Goldtail is good too, but with so many insomnia monsters, he doesn’t shine as he used to. Flocculasaurus is the best of all for PvP, but PvE isn’t his best.

Personally I’d go with Ankoudragon if you have Aurodragon, Atrahasis otherwise.

Go get yourself a Zibkong then :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I think Atrahasis would be perfect

This is a very easy decision. Get Atra for sure. Overall he is the most useful for PvE and can be strong for PvP too.

Atrahasis or Goldtail. With Atra you can revive and prolong games, Gold can singlehandedly shut a team down.

PS. Galvbane’s overrated :smirk:

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Atra can revive the opponents Goldtail and singlehandedly shut down entire teams and create buffed AI monsters.

IMO Atra is the most fun monster in the entire game.


Then go for flocco.

Go for Shiny Kamiwyrm :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks for the feedback everyone, I really appreciate it. I think I will be going with Atra, especially since it can only be hatched from exchanging tickets. I am very tempted by Ankou but I am hoping I can get it from a festival or rare egg sometime, same with Auro. I think Atra would pair really well with my Simuronix (until I get Shiva anyways)

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