Gotta rank this bad boy up now :slight_smile:


Imma do that tomorrow lol , way too late to start doing that for me but im glad to get this one

Lol aww , where you train ? I train in the infinite dungeon

Biteschool spot normally but lately in infinite dungeon as well . 

Doing both actually , for gold eggs and exp

Im so glad I can time eggs lol, getting an OM ark is the easiest thing now.

Enjoy it while it lasts, Ken… enjoy it while it lasts.

I like my mossgolem also but I’m surprised that he wasn’t a tank like barricadus with guardian since he has the passive fang break.

He’s kind of like a tank. Just not at Barricadus level.

He’s a fighter and a tank.

I like the mix, honestly.

His defense is pretty high tho and he’s only lv 40 I think right now , I like him … Gotta think how I can work with him in my team tho…

Yea he’s pretty great I love the move " risky heal " lol favorite move in the game :3

At level 99 his defense stats are

P: 2078

M: 1935

So he isn’t THAT much of a tank…

but his fang break makes him more of one over time…

I would recommend the egg timers to stay low key… I have become an egg timer too and do not want to see any changes to the eggs too soon…

Far, far too late for that

I imagine it will be taken out in the next update.

Or messed with


That’s why I’m building up my mountain of gold… At least if they take it out I’ll have enough gold to get what I want anyways lol

Don’t get too much gold or you’ll get flagged as a cheater.

I thought egg timing couldn’t get me in trouble.

I was talking about having all rank S egg-exclusives. But I should have been more careful with my wording for the above message. I don’t know for sure if having tons of gold will get you flagged as a cheater, but that is one thing they would logically look at. After all, hackers have a whole lot of gold. But they likely will only check for unusually ridiculous amounts - otherwise they would run the risk of banning people who simply bought a whole lot of gold (spent hundreds of dollars).

What do you mean??

I got 66000 gold because i can time fever eggs, will i be banned??

Probably not. But they won’t release information about how they’ll ban people because if they do, then people can find ways around it.

I don’t think egg timers will get in trouble. I have all S-ranks and a ridiculous amount of gold…like…ridiculous. They will just ban those who hacked IAP or…idk, some other hacky thingy.

Li - pretty sure that timing is already going bye-bye.

Either way, there’s no point in trying to be quiet about it. If people look at awesome teams, they know that A) You hack. B) You time. C) You should go to Vegas and try your luck there.