Moss Golem - Siesta.. players who do not know about what it is will misinterpret it as a super stun and excessive bonus actions.

There seems to be a bunch a recent crop of posts complaining about games with super stuns and excessive bonus actions. This seems to coincide with the release of Moss Golem and PVP players starting to incorporate it into their teams.

before one should come to any conclusions I have a feeling that it may be players unfamiliar with the new ark “Moss Golem” and it’s abilities.

Moss Golem has an ability called Siesta, which will randomly put arks to sleep, this is a direct counter to stun sacrifice stun sacrifice team. Siesta has the potential to completely cancel any built up stun created if Moss Golem launches it. If Moss Golem is not put to sleep after the first Siesta, it can launch Siesta again prolonging the sleep for the arks affected. This of course will really mess up stun teams if they rely solely on sacrificing arks to keep the opponent stunned with a huge time units  lead.

this is NOT a super stun or abnormal. Siesta can theoretically put to sleep your arks for several turns, but the risk falls on both players.

So before any wild claims are made about players having unlimited bonus actions or some super stun, please make sure it’s just not Moss Golem and Siesta.

Siesta will really screw over stun teams, if you allow Moss Golem to use it.

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

That’s a great idea, but it relies on luck. I tend not to build my teams to rely on luck. However, given the current set of released monsters, it’s not a bad idea.

Every time I’ve faced an opponent who used siesta, it’s done nothing for them except make the match longer, I understand the stun strategy but still, if your mossgolem gets sucked into a hastened char rampage it won’t really help you since it doesn’t have stun skin…

If the Charcalynx combo is already up and running, of course Moss Golem will be useless, as with 99 percent of all the arks in the game,  Charcalynx will 1 hit before It will even have a turn.  Charcalynx refreshes faster before an ark can enter and since it 1 hits everything, well yea… it’s pointless.

however if you launch siesta before Charcalynx can get to it, it will screw up the combo. But this is luck based however so won’t work all the time.

out of all the OM arks released so far, I think Mossgolem is second next to destructor in terms of usefulness in PVP. So be happy if you got one, its one of the better anti stun arks available at the  moment.

btw, if Siesta is used right, it doesn’t just make the match longer, it will readjust the order of the time units. Say Mossgolem is up and followed by 3 of your opponents arks, running siesta will scramble the order and the opponent can lose the turn. When Siesta is used this way, some players may just think it is excessive bonus actions.

Just wanted to clarify siesta so that players don’t misinterpret what it does.

I was just in a match where my opponent used siesta and it rearranged the arks so my almost dead Omegawyrm was next and then I won lol.

Did you use a stun team? Because if not, this post didn’t apply to you.

I didn’t use a stun team, my opponent was just spamming siesta

Siesta probably isn’t a good idea against non-stun teams. Though it may save you from a Don Penguini showdown if you get lucky…

I’ve found Siesta to be most useful early in the match particularly against a team that has all stun/sacrifice as the first and second line up. Siesta helps recover from stun quicker. So if your arks are at 1000+ TU by second turn, Siesta can help if Moss Golem enters afterwards. If you are playing a non stun team, just use Moss Golem as a healer and Siesta can be used to scramble TU order.