Man, it is annoying!!

I just met a guy on pvp, his strategy was full of cheap moves: ShadowStalker, moss, chillqueen, stegostpikess, charc…etc.
I’m not saying having these arks in team is cheap, but continually using the moves that annoys the opponent is cheap.
With chillqueen, as many have stated it has same chance as other s ranked arks, but IT IS HAPPENENING: every time it missed it has another two BAs making it unbelievable cheap move! Mossgolem makes you sleep FOREVER until he has got an advantage in turn, not to mention the stego&char thing…etc…
Too bad for him I won, but this type of opponent I have no interest to fight them OVER AND OVER!!!

I just faced a guy whose SS had at least 20 BAs, it was BVS

I’ve never encountered a Chillqueen that when it failed on the first attempt to put an ark to sleep that it did NOT receive at least one bonus action. It’s actually quite the phenomenon.

As for Mossgolem, no matter what the counts of the rest of the arks in the TU lineup or what order, my arks always come out as the last 3 after siesta. That also seemingly doesn’t make much sense, seeing as they’re all supposed to be asleep for the same amount of TU (even though when they miss their turn they just get bumped down after the next ark of the opponent, but somehow mine always end up as the last 3, even if they anywhere else).

Yeah, yeah…

Lol, that’s definitely because of the orange hair… I’m sure… Fingers crossed!! XD

Haha all is forgiven to him, he sent me a friend request so all is good. I just havnt been able to use minespider much which just peeves me off some.

For some reason the BA gods are favoring me tonight. I get almost annoyed by that as when the opponent gets too many BAs. Who needs strategy when an SS gets 20 bonus actions? Be thankful that I very rarely use dreamhunt. Multiple bonus actions adds nothing to pvp. Some people state that it helps the weaker teams. However, the weaker teams are less likely to be full of S ranked arks. The way bonus actions are now, I am reluctant to use anything but a S. An occasional bonus action may spice up the match, but multiple ones just antagonizes players. The only time that I DC is when I rage quit because of the opponent’s BAs (and occasionally when I get stuck in a stego/charc trap). I hope the devs do something about it as soon as possible.

Yeah I was surprised that u didn’t scapegoat ur chopper, at first I thought u didn’t know how to pvp, but then I saw ur kami and I was all like “yep…I’m dead”

I don’t usually scapegoat my chopper until after the boost. It also gives me a better chance to scramble stego/charc teams. The BA gods did not like my post. I just got killed by bonus actions.

Haha, u have messed with powers beyond ur strength

I’m in the school of thought that BA should be completely eliminated from PvP. Leave BAs for PvE.

The letter ranks would serve as ‘colour’ changes to the arks. For example, S rank would give the coolest colour to the ark, whereas rank E would be simplest.

I’m ALL for reducing any type of luck in PvP and having it purely skill-wise.

There will still be the luck of the computer not selecting you to battle eddstar. :slight_smile:

One of my strategies is to create a team that would annoy the crap out of myself, and see what strategies are effective that my opponent employs. It’s a great learning tool and really helps you refine a good team.

^^ This sounds like a good idea.

My original thought was to get rid of BA’s altogether, and make it so ranks give a chance for a critical hit (pretty much like Pokemon), which does a bit more damage. The percentages of gaining one would be a lot lower than gaining bonus actions, and the critical hits wouldn’t do anywhere near as much damage as two (or more in the current situation) hits.

Yeah, that’s what I said in the other topic. I don’t wanna have to rely on luck every battle.
Unfortunately even 1 BA can pretty much ruin the battle.

I think the only players who are against this idea are the ones who can’t beat anybody without it. Players with weak team or too lazy to develop new strategies.
Unfortunately if you have a weak team you have to work a lot harder to win the battles. I don’t have SS, Destructor, Kami and when I face players that do it is a nightmare but I ocasionaly win.

What maybe could be implemented is a bar that would fill up the more you get hit and then you have a Bonus Action when it’s full.
That means you might have one, maybe two BA’s based on the amount of damage you team has suffered throughout the battle.
Kinda like a special move similar to most fighting games. And you should be able to see the opponent’s bar, so when it’s full you know he is gonna have an extra move (that’s automatic, not up to the player when to use).
That you you are able to prepare yourself for the extra hit, maybe its gonna damage you a lot, maybe not, but at least you know when it’s gonna happen.

Otherwise, no BAs at all. It’s too much of luck dependable and it defeats the purpose of having better arks/strategies.

I’m not sure I like this idea. Critical strikes is also random and luck dependant. However, I can see this working if it doesn’t happen too often!

Tricky part about BAs is eliminating them would be unfair to people that spent money/grinded hard to get higher tier monsters. We really put ourselves on the corner here :frowning:

You guys are human

I get what you were trying to do but it just seems to have become more of an issue than it was in the Beta

No need to eliminate them. The cap of one should be fine. All games have some element of luck… critical hits, for example. And bonus actions are similar in nature. Maybe limit them to 1 and lower the chance a bit, but still give S rank the clear advantage.

What about the suggestion of implementing new colours to the S ranks?

And only S ranks would have a chance of let’s say 5% of a BA?

I imagine that even with a cap of 1 BA the teams with all S ranks would probably get around 10 per battle. It’s way too much.

One BA alone can ruin the whole mach if it happens at a crucial time.

Also a critical hit would be a lot more “fair” than a BA.

For example, sometimes I have Barricadus and the opponent’s Scorpionix comes out and it gets a BA. Boom three strong arks dead.

With the critical hit maybe two of them, or only one with Barri remaining alive (depending on how much HP it had).

For PvE the BA percentage is fine, but for PvP the chance should be changed to something like

E: 0% to BA
D: 1% to BA
C: 2% to BA
B: 3% to BA
A: 4% to BA
S: 5% to BA

With the cap still limited to 1 BA, this would more than likely “fix” the heavy dependency on LUCK. As much as I’d rather see BAs limited to PvE only, Ryan is right, eliminating BAs would be unfair for people who worked hard for their S rank teams in PvP.