Thoughts on Mossgolem

I incorporated Mossgolem into my team and the results have been pretty variable so far. His damage is relatively poor, but risky heal has been immensely helpful with some luck!

Has anyone else tried him out much? I haven’t seen him on too many teams.  

I didnt trained him yet , but wednesday i Will do and then ill let u know

I have used him in my PvP team extensively. Paired with two earth monsters, he does high damage. Ally heal is fantastic. Fang break is fantastic. Siesta isn’t really fantastic - I don’t build my teams to rely on luck. But there are a few rare situations where siesta may be a good choice.

Mossgolem = Very nice ark. Siesta and Risky Heal, very useful.

Siesta makes sense if you are on the losing end of the stick and it will POTENTIALLY buy you some time to launch another attack. It makes little sense under equal conditions. So I think of it as a panic button so to speak. 

siesta is useful in two types of situations,

recovering from stuns,


if one of your arks abilities uses a lot of time units, you run siesta right after to recover quicker.

of course this is luck based so may not work all the time.

I find siesta to be its main selling point for me. It is risky but if you run certain hard to kill arks it does well in my opinion

who are the other earth monster you pair him with?

The only other earth ark I use is Vegitiger

Rook knight can be good with veegi in there. Thunderback, when moss Is gone you can always retreat him. Apart from them just gaiwyrm, but he’s not as robust? as i’d like.

Risky heal makes a nice combo with infernowyrm… If you have him of course…

Otherwise he’s just a nice tank.

siesta saved my neck various times. Its absolutely amazing if combined with minespider.

That’s a good idea…I do have an infernowyrm :slight_smile: I think I’ll try it out

I have a Rooknight, but I still haven’t used him in PVP.  I already have too many beasts on my team and a lot of good arks have beastbane.

Golgemios and Jumboid.

Great setup.

But yeah, Rooknight+Vegitiger are nice for that…for now…and it depends on the rest of your setup…and how you use it…er…yeah

Most of us don’t have access to Golgemios and Jumboid

He asked which Earth monsters I pair with Mossgolem, and yes, those are the two. 

Wasn’t asking what you guys should pair with him :slight_smile: