Monster grade

Hi all,

I am wondering how the grade is calculated when I fuse two monsters together? If one of them is S grade and the other one is E grade, what will I get?

And how can I get a grade booster?

Many thanks in advance.


It’s the average between the two.

A + C = B. 

S + A = 50% chance of A, 50% chance of S.

You can get grade boosters from diamonds that you receive from PvPing. 

Thanks a lot Ashley!

I have a question in reference to monster grade as well, but just with capturing.  Do the grades have a fixed rarity across all monsters or is it different for each individual?  I ask this because over the course of me hunting the hatchlings, approx. 5 hours and going after my fourth now, I’ve come across numerous A and S grade bluechicks, seaquills, and breezelings while the hatchlings have only been C.  I know the hatchling grade doesn’t hold that much weight since it’s comparing 3 to well, a bunch for the others.  This is just what I’ve experienced.

Maybe it has somewhat of the same percentage of spawning, depending on spawning chance?

Examples (these are only EXAMPLES, they are not legitimate numbers):

100% spawn chance. 10% to get an S.

50% spawn chance. 5% to get an S.

1% spawn chance. 0.1% to get an S.

So basically the chance divided by 10. HOWEVER I don’t know, this is just a guess. I heard somewhere that a 2% spawn chance arkadion has a 0.001% of being S… could be lower? Maybe 0.0001%? I can’t remember, sorry.

Don’t need exact numbers, this answered my question thanks.  I figured this is how it would work since it makes sense to make a S/A grade rare arkadion harder to find then a S/A grade common.

God that would mean getting a number from 1-50 right then get another number from 1-10000 right . .-.

Hey guys, 

playing Hunter Island for a week now. My question is now:

I want to have every full evolved arkadian in S-Grade. So I was hunting for a Gustbat in S-Grade near the starting city.

Its the first Arkadian after the starters in the list.

So I noticed, there are only s-Grade arkadians with 3 stages of evolving

But I also fould a Arkadian with no evolving stage, also as a S-Grade.

So after farming about an hour of those Gustbats. I only found a A-grade Arkadian.

Is there a S-grade Arkadian with only 1 more evolve? (Overall 2 stages/forms)

Am I right with my assumption?

I don’t believe the grades depend on what evolution line the arcadion has.

As tested out it seems that the S grade rate is about 1%.

That being said I do believe every arc can be S grade but finding them is often time taking.

For a counter example of a arc that has two forms and that can be S (if i understood correctly what you were saying) you can use Bitefish and BiteSchool as an example. They do spawn as S grade arcs too.

Good luck on finding those S Arcs then ! :smiley:

Hey Zyphlan,

okay cool. Thank you very much for your fast answer.

Grinding those bats, and find only A grades is a bit depressing.

But if you say so Ive gained some hope and will keep grinding. :slight_smile: Thank you

You can always wait for another confirmation to be sure ! :) 

But I get what you’re saying ! I’ve spend several days trying to farm S grade Cherubs and S grades Levis… Was worth the time though B)

It does take ages to get all the ones you want in S grade !