Monster Ranks

I’ve been playing the game since I got it and I noticed the Monsters have ranks, I thought it was that instead of stars but then I saw that they hae stars and ranks and that the same monster I have had a lower rank then the same wild one I was battling, do the ranks make a difference to the Monster?

the stars is rank actually, youre thinking of grade I believe :slight_smile:

the grade goes from E (lowest) to S (highest) affects the chances of getting bonus actions :slight_smile:

Yeah I couldn’t think of the word for it lol.
That makes sense, I just didn’t want to catch and level up a lower Grade Monster if a higher Grade would have been more powerful.
Cheers for the help!

no problem, keep enjoying the game :slight_smile:

I was wondering, for fusions, are the ranks completely random, or is it that (for example), two B arkadions fusing will always make a B. Or an A and C will always make B. Is it predictable, does anyone know?

its as you said Pitta, it becomes the average of the used arkadions