Monster Grade Improvements

So there is was, S cherub in my face, with no way to decrease its life without killing it further… Needless to say I didn’t catch it. Sounds typical, until I change my team, go back to the same spot, and find not one, not two, but three, two back to back, within 4 minutes of each other. And every single one is E ranked…
The game was mocking me, I know it…

That being said, I want to suggest a way to improve monster grades besides winning specific items in PVP. If you could combine a certain never of like monsters of the same level, with the outcome being an improvement in the grade, or perhaps having the grade change over time or with experience, that would be nice.

It would make all those useless E-A ranked monsters mean something again.

That would probably be nice ! 

Even though the hardcore grinders will probably disapprove…

I find that 350 monsters is quite enough to have to catch all, leave alone trying to get them all to level 99

So I guess that taking away the grinding to get all or some monsters grade S wouldn’t hurt the grinding of the game too much…

That being said it shouldn’t be too easy but combining two monsters could be a nice way to improve a monsters’ grade !

That way a rare monster having a grade S is still a nice achievement !

when you fuse two monsters, it averages out the grade.

And you guys can manage the game without higher grade monsters.

its just nice to have :stuck_out_tongue:

well i don’t think the grade is so important anyway… not for the game, maybe in PvP but that’s another story :wink:

it might be cool to have the abilaty once you reach level 99 with a monster to restart it at level one with a grade higher. so your level 99 monster with an e grade can become a level 1 with a d grade.

That may actually work if it weren’t for level boosters. :S

you could have this method cap at say rank a so that boosters have a function and so s rank is still difficult to get

Maybe when you get a monster to level 99 it should gain +1 grade as kind of a reward for getting it to 99. But just one. That would mean each monster has the potential to gain one grade this way, but that’s all. 

I’m not sure how that would actually play out in the game… but it’s worth discussing, anyway. 

I dont know going from rank e to rank d kinda seems like a slap in the face. you also get an issue with fuson monsters where you could potentaly get a couple grades that way like with the omega dragon.

4 of his components all e grade at lvl 99 would go to rank d

when fused 2 rank d dragons then lved to 99 goes to c

those 2 fused and leved give you a b rank omega dragon out of 4 e ranked…

Yes, that’s a good point. Things like that were why I wasn’t so sure about the idea. Hm…

sorry, thats why we cant have nice things. I break them.

Perhaps my intention was not clear.
I meant you have, say, 4 of the same type, same rank monster, all at whatever specific they need to be at for combining. You combine them to get them at a next higher grade. Fusion combining is a completely seperate occurrence. They wouldn’t gain ranks or lose ranks in any other fashion than they normally would.

Grinding for S class monsters isn’t enjoyable…

Another idea I had was add and F class the. make C class the common class, then, in either direction, have the spawning rate be 50% less than C, then 25% less than that rank, then 12.5% less than that rank, effectively giving you a 1.5% chance of spawning an S or F ranked monster, a 12.5% chance of spawning an A or E ranked monsters, and a 50% chance of spawning a B or D ranked monster. Or something like that.

I was talking about the post just above mine which was another method that gaining grades could work.

Maybe just make grade boosters a bit more common. They should be available in an unlimited but heavily controlled supply. That is, currently there are only a fixed amount available in the game and once you get them, that’s it. You don’t get anymore. There should be a steady supply of them, but make them considerably rare so they aren’t abused.

That would be the same as using my idea. How difficult do you think it would be to farm 16 grade E cherubs? That would give you a grade C cherub. If you had a grade c, two grade ds, and a grade e, you would t be able to fuse any.

Farming for the hatchlings would be equally difficult, but still, when you found a grade E hatchling you wouldn’t feel like it’s completely useless.

Although, it would probably be easier to implement more readily available grade boosters, I just don’t think that idea would contribute to the idea of catching monsters.

 That seems like the best solution imo. 

Maybe have them drop once every ten levels you go down in infinite dungeon ? Kind of like the extra slot you got in DIB ?

Or maybe have them craftable by fusing monsters of same grade ? Say you had two different monsters of different grades fusing them would give you a grade booster. And to prevent that anyone would abuse by only fusing low starred monster maybe have different grade booster.

Have one to go from E to D, another from D to C, etc.

And then the higher the total stars in the fusion the higher your grade booster is ?

Or have them buyable for like 1 or 5 mill silver?


Hello everyone, first of all i will apologize for my bad english, if i make some bad mistakes, please forgive me xD

I have been reading a lot of ideas about improving our Arks ranks, because the way to get those S ranks right now is more(a lot more xD) about luck then hard work,

well thats true indeed, thats why im gonna expose here my plan that sounds(at least to me) a fair mix between Luck and hard work.

Assuming the possibility to actually feed ur favourite Ark with lowers and useless same type of Ark but of lower Rank, having an Xp Bar for Ranking up, and each Rank will have different scores,

here is a little example tabel:

To make “Rank Up” u will need 100xp

Each rank has an xp point score value

E rank = 10 points

D rank = 15 points

C rank = 20 points

B rank = 25 points

A rank = 35 Points

So “feeding” ur main ark with one with a lower rank will increase the XP ammount about i wrote up there.

For example to make My A rank Pearex in to an S rank i will need 10 E ranks or 6 E ranks and 2 C ranks.

The numbers are right now just an example only to make my explanarion clear enough.

I think this is really a fair idea, anyway thanks for reading and any comments will be appreciated.

I like Artemide’s idea.