S monsters are hard to find, hmm?

My idea is to have a challenge much like those found in Orlen and Agramis for these monsters…there are 350 monsters in the game. For every 50 different S monsters you obtain, you get one improved gradebooster that changes 1 monster from S to ★. This will glow rainbowy, and its bonus action chance will go from 20% to 25%

It’s not a huge change, but it would let players make their favorite monsters special…idk, it’s just something I’d like.

Or…maybe for every time you get a 3-win streak in PvP, you also get a Star Token…you can spend these tokens on customizations. You can spend 30 tokens on a Fireshine, making a monster glow with fire instead of the normal light. Or maybe 300 tokens for rainbow…or maybe 100 tokens for nicknames…or maybe…whatever, you get the idea…idk how this would work. Lol. Tokens can also be available for purchase…say…100 Star Tokens for 10 gold?

This would be taxing on the artists…but maybe alternate versions of monsters that are super rare? Like a white Coldheart…ahem…or a blue Hydrablazer…and you can either spend 1,000 star tokens to alter the monster, or run into them in the wild at a 1/1000 rate on top of the normal spawn chance…so an alternate Bluey would be a 1/2,000,000 chance…or you could get star tokens…which costs money. Cha-ching…and for those who don’t want to pay, just PvP…which many do anyways…so yeah…win-win :smiley:

These all seem like awesome additions to the game! Of there were to be nicknames I would want to still see the monsters real name next to it though. The shines would be really cool and color changes as well, also good ways for the game to make money!

I also very much like the idea that a few monsters can be star ranked but I don’t want to have to grind for every single monster at star rank, especially the starters and hatchlings, so if this was implemented I’d prefer the last star rank be obtainable at a number below the number of monsters.

Only if the end of the Rainbow contains a pot of gold or a leprechaun arkadion

You can’t get every monster at star rank, you can only get a total of 7 monsters at star rank. You choose which monsters become a star rank. …anyways, maybe it’ll be only up to 200 arks, so that everyone can only get 4 star ranks?


That was the exact number i was thinking :slight_smile:

Yay :stuck_out_tongue:

Why lolol? Both would be awesome haha

i think this is a great idea. Since the the late game ark bosses have like 6 bonus actions per turn lol. 

Not sure if there will be room tho :wink:

Yep, thnx :stuck_out_tongue:

No room for gold? Gold is always welcome!

Aye, but that lil green fella would be an eyesore n.n

Why? Dont u love green guys bringing u money?

I love rainbow triphoons more :wink:

I tought so haha

Of course n.n