💭 Monster Design Ideas Mega Thread 💭

Pretty damned exactly what I expected from you. Beautiful design and fantastic work ma dude. @Dev_VKC gotta make this happen


Love that colors :heart_eyes:

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thanks a ton for the feedback guys :relieved::pray:

emeraldues just blushed.

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No way, Emeraldeus is much cooler :pleading_face:

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Not the colors.

But I know that my small son will disagree with that, since he only loves green monsters.


Name: The Unforgiven

Status: Mythic Awakened

Stats: Low Attack (3500ish) HP and Defense 6k, Speed 65%

Introduces the Cursed status. Each monster may only be afflicted with 1 “Curse” at a time. “Cursed” monsters cannot be targeted by other “Curse” moves, also they cannot be targeted by skills that Sacrifice monsters (Backstab and Backbite still work). Purify removes the “Cursed” status. “Cursed” monsters are also immune to Stun.


Excruciating Curse (3 uses) - 75tu - Target Enemy becomes Cursed and loses 1500hp each turn that passes until it is removed from the field.

Commanding Curse (3 uses) - 75 TU - Target enemy becomes “Cursed” and immediately gets a turn, but the owner of this monster chooses the move used and the attack target for that monsters given turn.

Death Curse (1 use) - 85tu - Target monster immediately dies and it’s Revenge effects are negated.

Sacrificial Lamb (1 use) - 100tu - Target teammate immediately dies and is replaced with a clone of this monster.

Secret Skill: Instant Purify All - 1tu - Purifies all monsters on the battlefield.


Cursed Field - if this monster gets a turn and has no targets for any of it’s moves or has no uses of any of it’s moves left, this monster immediately dies. If killed by this effect, one random enemy monster immediately dies and is replaced with a copy of this monster.

Cursed Presence - This monster enters the battlefield with the “Cursed” status (can still be removed through Purify).


i see birb, i approve

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Here are few quick drawings of ideas I would like to see Devs. Sorry I didn’t have enough time to fully flush them out. Have a moveset for them but I know this is just for Monster Design…so. Take Care.

I’m not very good with balance. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ipos (Mythic) Dark Type

Double Bloodfury
Black Mirror, next attack dealt to user is sent to target ally.
Dark Contract, knockback chosen ally and summon randomly (1): Spectrophin, Rune Dragon, Sacrumega, or Geocosma. To your field.
Blood Ritual, kills last monster in lineup. User will recover HP. Adds kill charge for allies.

Forbidden Seal, User’s attack boosted by 100% for each defeated enemy this battle.
Royal Servitude, 6* allies and below defense boosted by 100%, when its HP is 90% or higher.

Veil All, All enemies are death sentenced and will die after 150 seconds.

Speed 95%

Dr. Stefano (Legend) Earth Type

LINK Poison Siphon All
Accelerate Team

Noxious Injection, deals crit damage if at least one enemy is poisoned.

Blight Camouflage, Whatever monster hits user or gets hit is poisoned.
Hold Ground

Asegif (Mythic) Storm Type

Dual Flamestrike, Crit damage to 2 enemies.
Thunderclap, user can only target +200TU enemy. Insta-kill.
Flowing Conduit, summon a water effigy. (Water Effigy: LINK Sleep All, Purify, Heal All, Protect Teammates)
Shockwave, piercing attack against shields and hold ground.

Tempest increase all enemies TU by 50.

Roaring Entrance
Elemental Celerity, user cannot be stunned and heals some HP whenever Fire, Earth, Water, Storm type dies.


these are cool. feel free to post the movesets also. c:

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I wish the devs would have used Shiny Moltenpedes colors for Shiny Utopion.


Came up with 2 design for king or queen thlug, they were so many sea slugs i could base them off of, they are all so gorgeous

Which is base on this species of sea slug

And another one

Base on this species


I would perhaps not go for a template at all .

It’s more like a slug sitting on a throne with a crooked crown on his head and a lot of mucus running out of his mouth because he’s about to eat his own slugs because he’s a lot bigger than normal slugs🤣

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This was suppose to be a valentine monster but never finish in time😅


lol sorry for all the likes for 2 years ago guys, having a browse of some of the excellent older designs.

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First One Gorgodrake, might animate later on


Extremely nice :ok_hand:

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