[Need feedback] Please give us a hand

How’s going guys?

It’s another time we need you guys’ option and feedback.
While ago, we had a masterpiece of groundbreaking monster designs but got rejected by the guys at the top. We felt heartbroken and sad.

  • So first of all, we would like to hear your guys’ option on this lovely design: Handsnake (image below). Please know that your options are important for Handsnakes. A warm, nice word can prevent a Handsnake from being left out, crying at the corner.

  • Secondly, we also want to know if you have any monster designs you want to see in the game. For example, a description like “a big pink whale with flower features” or “a chic shark on the motorbike”. You can also attach images.

  • Last, please know that this thread is mainly for the poor Handsnake, so please focus on it first.

Thank you.


It’s very unique. For that reason I say go for it. I would make the finger nails black and larger in the final form. A bit more claw like but not to much to maintain the human element.

I love it, definitely want this creep. I kinda think that having two arms in the final form would be cool as well


It is very different from what we are accustomed to, in particular the drawing rejects me a little, I would make a kind of snake with a mixture of dinosaur and some robot part, to give an example, it gives me the feeling of a human hand and no monster. And the mouth in particular makes me remember Tardigranade with teeth (not very friendly to look at) I don’t want to throw the publication down, maybe it’s just time to get used to it.

Suggestion: we have a couple dog mons in the game already like husky and captain canine. You should make a mon based off of a poodle like the one in my profile pic. Make it a storm type and give it some sort of electricity based moves. My dog has like a peach colored stripe down his back so maybe you could put a giant lightning bolt across its stomach as a marking.

No worry. Everyone is free to give out any opinion.
Even the comment like “Wtf is this disgusting thing?!!” will be totally fine lol.

We will sometimes share some NG monsters with community. I believe it is also fun and interesting to see these monsters failed to appear in the game.


This is terrible, TERRIBLY COOL.If we are adding changes can we make him get more tatoos as he evolves like a :heart: Mom, that could be funny.Monster have parents too !
Also if it was rejected because it’s not kid friendly then that’s not true I showed this to my lil sister and she thought it was weird but she liked it.

Honestly, I feel that our snake friend should be in the game. It looks like something that’ll be in a Halloween Egg or something and it’s about time that it gets the justice that it deserves.


Agree with @Phantom00 perfect Halloween monster, but I have a suggestion a bit different… What about make him part of a trinity of monsters?
Right Hand: Handsnake (legendary)
Left Hand: Handsnake (legendary)
Body: Bodysnake (legendary)

No head like a horror creature.

Body Snake would have an SS when you need to sacrifice both Handsnakes to summon it in mythic form!

I have to really hand it to the devs here this is great.


Wtf is this disgusting thing?!!


yes hand

First reaction is that it seems somewhat underwhelming. Mind you, could be cause most of the monsters look badass in the game and this is just the initial design.

It has a sort of Gazer feel to the design. I like it

I love it when artists are allowed to try out unique and new things. This Handsnake looks brilliant.

Personally when it comes to art for the game I will not say no to anything, except for disproportional girls in bikinis. Neo Monsters is almost entirely animal-like creatures, beasts and horrific things. Busty girls don’t fit the style and if the art is brilliant and unique then we don’t need it to sell the game to new players.

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My Byrn is staring at you badly bro, carefull…


Just 3 words !

PS : give it piercing death revenge !

But I don’t like the name ! Handsnake ? Hell no …

Name them
Palmohelmenthus !! (Palm- hand reference , helmenthus- scientific reference to worm species)


I think it ’s more like a monster part, in fact I like the mummy element very much

I think the concept is cool and reminds me of Maggat but unfortunately it doesn’t fit the game design that well. Even now there are a few that don’t seem to fit e.g. Lavamane and Deathgazer. You can see this easily by putting them side by side with Gaiakaizer or pyrokaizer who are part of the “original” roster and drawn with a much simpler artistic style.

I think you should stick to one style as much as possible. As for the hand worm, have you considered that it could be a token monster for a bigger creature? It would be cool if the creature lost his hands when he takes damage and dies only after all his hands have dropped?

I also think you should update the name of Neo Monsters: DRAGON Trainer. We have now so much more than only dragons. :sweat_smile:

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