💭 Monster Design Ideas Mega Thread 💭

Mrs. Bun wants in on some of the action too.

For her design I’m thinking of the Warhound from Starcraft 2. Color scheme would be gold and white on pink, similar to Bundam’s color scheme. The laser on the left arm can be swapped out for a claw if need be.

Similar to how Bundam’s moveset is reminiscent of his base form(Mr. Bun) with his heal and bun bomb turned into double drain survivor and novablast, Mrs. Bundam’s moves would be mainly about the sleep and shields. Mostly on the shields. Maybe not the sleep.

Standard def stats, maybe slightly slower speed than bundam.


Stunstrike (130s) - Deals medium damage to one enemy, stunning them for 150s
Hardlight shield (130s) - Gives the target ally an especially powerful shield which only can only break from attacks dealing 1000 damage or more. Can only be used 300s after the starting turn, and cannot be placed on poisoned monsters.
Purification ray (50s) - Purifies and slightly heals targeted ally.
Conduit form (50s) - Decreases both defense and attack stats by 50% in exchange of accelerating moves by 30%.

Secret skill
Sleep Flash (80s) - Affects all enemies. Puts them to sleep for 100s.
Bunny Hop - Adds a Mrs. Bun at the end of your reinforcements upon death. Only activates if killed by an enemy and only if the enemy is still alive.
Shield entrance+ - Enters the battlefield with a hardlight shield.


  • Mrs. Bundam has but one goal. To support the team, and stay alive long enough to get that sweet enhanced shields. To aid her, she has purification ray, stunstrike, and sleep flash to stall the enemies

  • The main move and gimmick is the extremely powerful Hardlight Shields. While not as flashy as Bundam’s Novablast, these shields cannot be broken by moves dealing less than 1k damage, and as such do not suffer from poison or multi-hit moves from cannon fodder monsters like rockoids. It’s like Tartigrade, but a shield instead. It’s not perfect, however. It can be completely bypassed by piercing moves, and it can’t be used on poisoned monsters, further stalling Mrs.Bundam. Also just by killing her before the 300s but your already know that.

  • Purification ray is extremely effective on HG monsters. At only 50 seconds, it allows them to tank another hit, while also removing any troublesome status effects like poison. While it is effective in keeping something like a protector alive, it still struggles against things like a high damaging move that inflicts poison, or moves like sleep bomb or poison storm in which it requires multiple uses to purify your team.

  • Stunstrike and Sleep flash are both stalling moves and keeps the enemy from killing her. Stun strike is pretty obvious. The sleep flash is a bit more complex. You might think that sleep flash is practically just a stun flash, and you’d be wrong. It’s worse, as the monsters can just be woken up before the 100s, and as such get countered pretty heavily by purify monsters. However, it’s role is not to completely stall but only to deny the enemy a couple moves, and may be handy if the opponent has a stun counter and stunstrike is not effective.

  • While Bundam has the versatility to become either very tanky or very stronk, Mrs. Bundam already knows what’s she needs to do and only has one transformation, which lowers survivability in exchange for some speedy moves. It makes her quite fragile, and is recommended to only be used after the 300s are over once she has shields

  • Even with these moves she has her work cut out for her. While good defence and shield entrance helps her a lot, it’s not enough to deal with the extremely aggressive sweepers that may appear. Purification ray isn’t effective on her as it is on HG monsters, and while powerful, the stalling moves gives her stun/sleep killer weakness. Because of this, in order to consistently keep her alive support is required.

To sum things up:


  • Ability to make everything a Tartigrade without limit is borderline broken and makes her an extremely powerful support mon
  • Purification ray is awesome


  • Ability to make everything a Tartigrade without limit is borderline broken and makes her an extremely high-level target
  • No survivability options despite having stalling moves and may need a protector
  • Stun/Sleep killer weakness
  • No immunities

Yeah that’s it. When making this I was thinking about stuff like crescendo accelerate what slowly speeds things up before making the SS “crescendo accelerate all”, speeding up the team by a lot, or a 300s “Sleepblast”(please god no) but these didn’t make the cut, as they weren’t very fitting or simply because just the main gimmick is too powerful. Thinking about making that shield move 400s. As always, feedback is appreciated!


Everything is fine except the secret skill. Sleep flash should have a 100 second tu restriction from the monster’s first turn and it should sleep all the monsters except Mrs Bun. The move’s TU can be 50. This would be a nice way to pass time and also have her purifying ray play a much more efficient role by waking up on of your allies in that gap. I like all the other moves you suggested, they are fresh and fine for me.

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After we got a king of posaidon and a queen of flutter , we need a 7star transgender thing of slugs :partying_face::rofl:


Thuperthlug hath been thuggethted theveral timeth.
fingerth crothed.


Yo optó por el rey puerco spin o rey telehuido

The Blade Golem!



@DMGInterference make me a design for this monster based on these images please…

@DMGInterference hazme un diseño para este moustro basado en estas imágenes por favor…


Ok, I’ll see if I have time! I was practically commissioned this one I just posted and couldn’t renounce. Don’t expect that coming TOO soon, since exam season is behind the corner :flushed:


Foot pics well spent!
Thanks Chief!

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On a whim I decided to put Maggatsuoh though the incomprehensible horror that is gimp g’mic filters just to see what would happen, in the hopes that his suffering would give me artistic inspiration :nerd_face:. While not all of them are winners, they sure are unique. Hopefully, they can serve as inspiration to you too, or at the very least look funny to look at

(ignore the pixels on the side :sob: )

Doodle filter


Chalk It Up (Fr) filter


Fractals/Bump maps


Cutout filter


Lava filter


Make squiggle





3d block render (lmao)



The golden embossed Maggatsuoh takes the cake for me!!

Instead of summoning a Maggotoid with Blight Bomb, it would summon a Nuggetoid with Golden Bomb (which turns ons poisoned monster in the field into a Goldoid).

Also I like Minecraftsuoh at the end

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Another polymerization monster comes to my mind and this one is something to use with wraith captain and about it’s design is something like a ship or ghost ship by captain wraith with a two new skill turpedo and soul turpedo.

:this skill deals critical damage to the chosen enemy but it sacrifice the last monster on you’re team.this skill ignores hold ground and shield.this skill cannot be redirected to other monsters.
:this skill sacrifice the user and a freindly wraith captain to summon a boozhou ship behind it’s place.this skill can only be used after 100 sec passed since this monster’s turn.
-summon entrance.

Name:Boozhou ship(boozoo×wraith captain)
-rockoid morph lv.5
-soul turpedo
:this skill sacrifice the last monster in you’re team to deal critical damage to 1 enemy.this skill ignores hold ground and shield.this skill cannot be redirected to other monsters.any monster killed by this skill the revenge is negated.
-sendback unlimited.
-instant double dreamhunt
-dreamy entrace
-triple entrance


i like the idea of a ghost ship and of a clone having a polymerization skill. i would suggest using Warca and Wraithcaptain to create it however. Warca is an underused monster. a polymerization could give it some extra appeal.

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Yep warca is good but ghost ship is better HAHA.

The mighty 0000 monster
Initial form:Sus
Evolution:Sus sus
Ultra evolution:Sus sus sus

Sus typo can be spotted at sus sus sus sus skill it should be hold ground but sus sus sus take it so ain’t my problem.


It’s just a joke monster HAHA i just see it in interface YouTube and got inspired.

This monster is so suspect, one might even think there is an imposter among us. That’s an ඞ/10, please Devs implement this IMMEDIATELY


Well all idea is yours also HAHA by the way thanks planning to do six elemental sus soon.

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