Monster Class

Is there anyway to increase the class (like s,a,b,c,d,e) of an arkadonian?

Yes in PvP when you reach a certain amount of diamonds you can use 1 of 9 grade boosters to increase the grade by 1 rank, but don’t waste these on bad Arks because there are only 9!

Can you give me a few examples of aks that would be worth it. Like a luxknight?

Its worth a bit more but the Classes are important because how higher the class how bigger the chance is in getting bonus actions

Luxknight would probably be worth it, if you have any egg only Arks they’d most likely be good recipents. Most people use them on their best arks such as Omegawyrm, and if you get dreadwolf or tremorback. If you use Luxknight a lot it would probably be worth it since both cherub and frostjack are hard to obtain.

Thanx, this really helped.

No problem, glad to help!

And if u wont want to waste grade boosters well then u just farm for hours!