Grade Booster

Given that grade boosters are limited in this game, I am just wondering how you are going to use your grade boosters on? are there some specific arkadions you should use them on? 

All PVP prizes produced are S grade including Kami so you don’t need to worry about using boosters on that.
Probably wouldn’t use it on the dragonlings because they are catchable even if it takes forever. Wouldn’t use it on anything in the Golden eggs because they are obtainable – I’d use them on the beta monsters when they’ve been released via OM especially on things like Cryowyrm.

Sita, if you think you’re ever going to get an S-rank Omegawyrm by farming… you’re in for *weeks* of work.  :wink:

And the OM prizes are always S; if you miss the main prize, every OM ark will eventually be farmable in the main game. 

I use my grade boosters on extremely rare Arkadians, for which farming for an S-rank would be nearly impossible. 

I’ve grade boosted the following:

A-rank Omegawyrm to S-rank

A-rank Dreadwolf to S-rank

A-rank Tremorback to S-rank

A-rank Coldheart to S-rank

I’m saving the rest, for now. I hope to use one on an Angelon, if I can get an A, and a Magma/Typhoonwyrm, if I can get A’s of both of those.

The game is still young… They Will add more grade boosters, at least i hope so

I used it in my stego and when i get charcalynx i will use in it

Trotticus, how did you even have an A-rank Dreadwolf and an A-rank Tremorback? I mean, how long did you farm in order to get 4 A’s starters? I was farming for a few days and all I’ve found were either C,D or E. My dreadwolf and tremorback are pretty bad, I’ve actually got a D-rank Dreadwolf and a B-rank Tremorback. Are they good enough to use my grade boosters on?