Grade boosters

I thought there was a topic on this but I was not able to find it. I was wonder if there is a limit on the number of grade boosters one can get or can one just pvp and keep collecting them over and over? I ask as I would love to make some of the stronger monsters but after all this time farming rares I only have a few S ranks a fe A ranks and the rest are all B, C, D or E ranked. Should I use my lower ranked ones and the grind on pvp to boost their grades or should I keep hunting for a better grade first and not count on using any grade boosters. These bloody grades are one of the two things I really hate about this game.

If its semi rares like leviathan or georex, DONT use the boosters, if its a good fusion like tremor back or dread wolf, sure Don’t use it on separate rare though like a single starter, (unless your never gonna farm for others) use it on fusions and the wyrms fusions yes but again not a single wyrm (unless your never gonna farm for more) use it on omega or typhoon or magma wyrm,
If you dont have any of these rares then i KNOW you have to have a starter then just boost that and if you have egg only arks (like frillzeon or stego) then use it on them or if you created a OM prize by fusion such as destructor by using deletroids then use it on him

Only use grade boosters on rare arks that are grade A… Anything below A isn’t worth it, the exception to that is Omegawyrm, I used two grade booster on my B ranked, you do want to get an S ranked Omegawyrm… It’s important and very helpful to have. Anything else should be rare and A ranked.

Not sure about using it on Egg-only arks because they might be released later into the wild…

Ok so I will keep hunting then as I don’t have any of those listed. I am working on angels and snowflakes after about 7 hours over the past two days on them all I have are a few Es and a single C one. I do so hate trying to get the higher rarities for fusions.

How do you get boosters


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