Grade Booster Advice

I’m 2k diamonds from a grade booster and I have no idea what to use it on. Here are my choices, as new arks become available I change my line up so I’m not sure which will be most useful in the future…

Minespider Rank B - currently on my pvp roster
Megalorex Rank B - don’t use him
Magmaworm Rank A - I already have an S Omega
Subzerotops Rank C - don’t use him
Spinoflame Rank A - don’t use him
Luxknight Rank A - don’t use him
Rooknight Rank C - don’t use him

If you’re wondering I found $85 worth of iTunes gift cards while organizing my room, lucked up with fever immediately, then just went bananas (after kicking in some cash as well)…

I’m leaning towards Luxknight or Spinoflame… Minespider I’m not that concerned with cause I don’t keep him around for too long. Any opinions/suggestions are appreciated.

I think magma would be the best choice. The buffed 10 star wyrms are as tough as ShadowStalker, and four BAs from magma a will make the other side a nightmare :slight_smile:

However Luxknight is also strongly recommended! It’s fast, and it can also to become very tanky when buffed up. Also it’s my personal favorite at master league, because it’s ‘the destructor of the Destructors’ :slight_smile: very handy to use!

You don’t have to use it if you don’t want to. Just don’t claim it. I still have 13 prizes unclaimed…

but if u want to use it to 1 of the arks u mentioned, i’d give to magmawyrm.


  1. His vengeance is very good move to have

  2. he’s 10 star… with better stats than most arks

  3. his aoe is decent too…

  4. can ohko vegitiger.

  5. he’s A rank…

I’m OCD and HAVE to claim it… It’s ok I’m a sick person… Ok that’s a couple of compelling arguments so it will be between the Lux and the Magma. Thanks guys appreciate the input. :slight_smile:

If you pvp or plan to pvp…Use it on magma you will regret it if you don’t until you get the next one.
If you don’t pvp … Use it on your favorite ark! :wink:

I pvp (a lot) and don’t use either magma or typhoon neither really fit in my current strategy. Not that I win all the time, but I hold my own. Every time a new OM ark is released however it does change my line up. So I’m more or less looking at what will be valuable to me in the future… And as of right now the Magma’s have it. :slight_smile: thanks again guys for your responses!!