Mission arks?!

Hey guys!

It is a Thing with these online missions ^^ -_- Last 3 Events i got only 4 of deletroid, shadowkit and minoflares -_- when will they be catchable for all of us? Only 1 Need to transform -_- Thats unbelievable! Newest Mission: 4 get from Mission eggs, Last One Misses!!! I got a headache by this -_- anyone Knows how Long we have to wait???

Please watch ur language when u post on this forum and its just that ur not fast enough or ur lvl is too low.

There are kids on this forums as well

Admins/mods gonna be here soon.
And to answer your question~> all OM arks will be released in the wild after the season ends
Which is in a month or so…

He or a mod changed it already , nice!

Edited by Ashley lol @jean

That edited thing came a bit late haha but thanks ash

Don’t worry. They should come around again. Just have paitence. At least you got most of them. I usually get one or two from the egg if I’m lucky.

Why can’t you buy missin eggs with gold now

I am sorry for my Language. It was The Frustration speaking out of ne that Night. Too Slow? I dont know… Took me just 33 Minutes to defeat newest Event… To Low Lvl? Could be but Game is finished and my whole Party is lvl 99^^ why i am Not buying Gold eggs? Because my Real Money is Not for Games xD

But thx for replies… So i will wait for them to catch

U shouldve got it in 33 minutes as i did it in 40 and still got it

My mistake i think was that i have a guardian in Team -_- barricadus -_-