Past Missions

So if a weekly mission goes by and you don’t get it, like a shadowstalker for example, will there be more opportunities to obtain it in the future? Or is it just done and over with?

Event arks wil eventually be re-released. Don’t worry. I goofed up twice now and missed two OM arks and was shopping when another came out ^~^

Ok Thanx, so I’m not quite strong enough yet to get through an online mission, last attempt I made it to like level 15, are the chances of getting the arks out of eggs to fuse good enough to even bother? Or should I just wait and get stronger?

The chances of getting 5 arks out of 15 eggs is very low, it is difficult to do it out of all of the eggs too. I think you should prepare for next week instead, but maybe finishing that mission is a good way to do so.

U Will have the chance to get them eventually