Any way to ever receive those monsters?

Hey there, just wanted to know if we, unlucky ones, will ever get the chance to receive those monsters we missed on weekly missions. As stated in the topic nearby, the rewards are handed away really fast (sometimes 25 min right after mission start!) and it’s definitely not easy to obtain such a monster. What do I do with my unfinished recipes for example?

The developers intend to allow you to get them again at a later time.


Is it a cycle?

I believe so, yes. But there are so many, so it’ll take some time.

I imagine that’s what the seasons are for

After each season, those Arkadions will be released.

I imagine, so don’t quote me on it

That would be a nice idea ! 10 weeks could be a nice delay between event exclusive and released into the wild.

It would be awesome to hear what they have planned for these arcs :slight_smile:

I hope that they wont be released cuz why doing the online mission if its for nothing ?

How about for early access to them?

If there is no way to get them later, someone might die because of inability to reach 100% collected achievement :slight_smile:

If they’re not released it will make it harder to get new players to play PvP because of the huge disadvantage in the number of arcs available to develop strategies.

They have to be released or it will definitely not be good for the game.

True. It would be better if these arcadions were handed over to at least a really higher number of players that play the game at its earlier stage (now). So after months and years they would be really oldschool and limited and so on. But hell, if I am playing the mission 30 minutes from the start and all the rewards are already handed over to others? That’s not hardcore anymore, that’s ridiculous. No offense to the devs though, the game is epic.

I got 100% without the mission arkadions but im currently at 111,4%

100% refers to the arcs in the encyclopedia and not the percent that is shown (that one only counts the first 205 arcs in the list I think).

That’s why the percent that is shown can go over 100%