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I’ve been playing neomonsters for a while now, I’ve completed the game, built a strong team in my opinion and in the last ultimate challenge placed in the top 500, why is my member title still Rookie Hunter and how do you change it.

It changes with time so don’t worry :wink:

On the forum you mean? That depends on the amount of posts you have. It has nothing to do with the actual game


Yeah like JRA said it is built up by posts and other stuff from the forum nothing to do for ingame so it just takes time be active on the forum and it will raise up don’t worry

I’m definitely going to start getting in lived in the forum more, to hopefully help my in game process too. Having a hard time understanding some of the lingo tho like some recent posts are talking about P2W, gatekeepers, nebel, Atra. What do these words mean lol

P2w refers to “pay to win” as in people who pay real money to “win” or do well or have more of an advantage.

Gatekeepers were pre-made teams by the devs(developers) of the game to try to stop players from getting higher in the ultimate challenge.

Nebel= Nebelronix, which is a legendary monster with death revenge and create duplicate

Atra= Atrahasis, which is a special release legend that has a reincarnate skill to revive the last monster that died.

Nebel atra combo is basically creating 30+ nebelronix and letting the enemy kill them and having death revenge kill the enemy

Another term you’ll see is twinkiller. This is a monster with both protector killer and sleep killer techniques.

If my title isnt going to change to it, then the devs should change it for me: College fund

So sad. So sad.
It’s a sad sad situation

Heeey, Buck… You like me anyhow!