The only person I find to battle in master league is a guy running stego+charca!! Three straight fights same dude… I disconnected out of rage!! Please help me, what can I do to combat this combo?!

This unfortunately is a very difficult thing to counter. The game developers are aware of how unfair this combo is and will fix it with the update. And the reason why you always face the same person is because the pool of people playing pvp in masters isn’t very high atm.

The common move is:
Scapegoat on raioh, put chopperbug at the 4th in line. After raioh dies, stun skin. Then chopperbug come up, scramble!
Then enjoy watching him quit :stuck_out_tongue:

He makes it sound so easy lol, but in order to do that you need a shadowstalker, and if you don’t have that your outta luck :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have shadow stalker for scapegoat… :frowning: so his gremknight knocks back my chopper and then my gremknight so I can’t knock back either…

That’s right… The shadow stalker is also a pain in the a$@… :stuck_out_tongue:
But even shaowkit will do if it is only for anti-stego&char (well, not all the time)

Pretty much same thing happens to me (I also have n shadowstalker) so you can do one of two things.

Continue PvP and take the 200 diamonds you get for loosing

Wait until stego is fixed

Nearly impossible to stop it unless you somehow manage to get off a scramble before stego comes out, but the people that use these combos are pretty seasoned at it, so to pull it off is difficult. Also there are still some players that don’t use this tactic that you can have an enjoyable battle with.

Try this if you so want to scramble him:
Put metalodious, chopperbug and mechadino in your first line up. Mostly he will AOE first, then chopperbug dies, stun skin, then mechadino’s move, scramble. Because metalodious is there, so he would either knock it back first or be very risky to knock your other arks back. But it’s all about chance, which gives him much headaches already :slight_smile:

It can only give you a high rate of scramble, but sadly it also means your team will be weakened as well. With the arks he has, as I am talking about master league, the fact is mostly you will be bashed anyway regardless of stego&char :frowning:

It will be my luck that I set up all the scramble and stun monsters and then play someone without stego! Haha