Expert league issues

Whoever it is with the stegospike/charcalynx/sapherion combo…pls stop playing this game haha…no really, battles aren’t fun because of your spike who perma stuns everyone…oh ya and your 1htko char…nothing to say a bout sapherion tho…I see why no one is joining expert league matches now. You drained the fun out :frowning:

Sapphireon, eh? Must be an experienced player then.

Good idea with the charcalynx. I ran that method a while ago, but it didn’t work against some of the more powerful players. Kneed less to say, I got rid of it. Might put it back later. We’ll see.

Looking forward to battling this person.

Oh, and he/she has every right to battle

Well that goes with out saying. Just venting

It’s really annoying but amazing strategy as well :slight_smile:

It called abusing a broken ability. They are going to nerf stegospike. Just for this reason. His stun is way to strong

I just ran into this person. Most unfun battle ever. I had to stop playing for the night cause I kept running into him. Absolutely zero counter play. He starts off with a storm fox for the insta stun then a Raioh and Raijin to keep you stun then a grem knight/angelon/stegospike to keep you stunned while he hastes with the grem and angelon then gets the offers the angelon to get the charalynx and at that point its game over. It is very smart but very broken. 

There are SOOO many people who use this. 

There are ways to beat them…Myself and a few others do most of the time (I made it, do you think I can’t beat it? xD)

I don’t know why people use it. It’s BORING, and there are many better strategies. Tis why I stopped using it. Against good platers, like Betas, stun is pretty much useless.

But WORRY NOT! It’s getting nerfed anyways~

So yeah. Wait till the next update n.n

Ahm… Scramble… Ahm… vengeance against insta stuns who dont have stun skin… Ahm…

I wont delve into it too much… But research what is required for the loop… And you will find its a very defeatable… With out egg only arks :slight_smile:

I played this strategy multiple times and had a lot of fun stepping up to the challenge!