Master League vs Expert League

Who else enjoys being in Expert instead of Master? I keep getting promoted to Master League and then 3 battles in a row I get creamed by a stun team that completely negates me attacking the ENTIRE TIME, as soon as I get demoted to Expert I go into battles where there may be stun monsters but there is a different strategy to the opponents team other than just stunning the entire time, so it gives me a fighting chance and I really enjoy the battles… and then a few battles later I’m back to the Master League Stun Alliance -_- 

Same. just loose a battle on purpose?

Yeah I haven’t been demoted yet in masters. But it is a pain every other Match is a stun team. But if they mess up once I normally win. On the bright side stegospike is getting nerfed :slight_smile:

I don’t understand why anyone uses a stun team there is nothing fun about it

Stun’s getting nerfed.

Even if it wasn’t going to be weakened, there are several strategies against it.

No need for a nerf imo. I dominated master league with my stun team. People got mad. I got rid of my stun team. I’m still dominating master league. Hmph. Stun isn’t great.

So yeah…it’s not that stun is the almighty method. It’s simply an easy strategy that several people have copied. Annoying, really. Just build a well-rounded team and you’ll be fine. Especially with the update.