Stratowrym any good?

Its gonna be awhile before I get this guy… but can someone tell me if this guy is a pretty good ark for pvp? I’ve seen no one using it yet which is surprising…

Yeah he is quite good :) 

He’s good. Especially against Vegitiger. You can even skip turns, and it’ll be alright.

…I’m kidding, ofc.

He’s a great monster, but PLEASE be careful in its placement. You don’t want to get hit by a deadly shot from good ol’ Salad Cat. It would be a waste of a slot. So yeah…make sure you place him strategically. n.n

Ahhh good to hear, Can you tell me his move set?

Nope, sorry. Don’t have it atm (give me some time, I’ll get it soon enough), and it’s been quite a while since I’ve battled one. I can’t remember them at all. 

No worries, I want these pvp arks but I’m kind of taking a break from pvp… Can’t seem to get a team put together that I just love so I’m giving it a rest for awhile.

Mmkay. And my thread is always open to ya if you ever want some thoughts on a team for PvP :wink: