Shadow stalker

I wanted to see how many people have ss and how many people dont

I just have scorpionix and terrorfish

Voted. So far 1/3 of people have it

wow im surprised people don’t want her

So am I!

lol ash this is an outrage… im jk lol

Its a her?

Yes & yes.

I think Shadowstalker does kinda look female


Well, SS is only usefull for its scapegoat, which atm has no counter to it.

But the abuse of players having a stun skin ark coming every two arks makes it an annoyance.

When are the devs releasing an ark that can dodge scapegoat? That would be really useful.

I think the main problem is not scapegoat but having scapegoat yet still having 1500+def&resis with no weakness. If its moves cost like 200 then it’s still fine, but it also has the fastest speed & move set makes it incredibly OP! Only using ShadowStalker is ok, but apparently it is the perfect pair for MOST of powerful arks. So the ones having ss kept having more advantage yet the ones who don’t suffers frustration…

I don’t find it to be that OP. It’s a tank. It has high defense, but extremely weak offense in almost all cases. And it is pretty easy to counter it (just send it to the back).

I agree with u ash. the only way to really kill an ark in one hit is if you put to sleep and then use that move (I forgot the name). also chain claw doesn’t really kill any ark and then there is scapegoat which only makes an ark take all the damage  

Do you have ShadowStalker Bgi? :slight_smile:
What’s your strategy to counter ShadowStalker effectively without knockback and timebomb?

yes I have her. and also I don’t really have one I just kill her on sight :stuck_out_tongue:

Knockback is the strategy. Why are you saying “without knockback”? That’s like saying how do you counter Barricadus without holy/metal slash. Or how do you counter kamiwyrm without dracobane. Some Arks only have a small number of weaknesses.

Most times you can knock back only one ark before your Grem is killed, sometimes none. I see no point in having to put 4 or 5 knockback arks in my team just because there are no arks that can dodge a scapegoat cast.

The point is to ensure your knockback monster doesn’t die that fast. That’s how it is for any strategy, really. 

If metal slash was weak we would complain about this same thing with barricadus, so I think the quick fix is an ark that has a strong mysticbane attack! Or buff shisaguard’s so it actually deals decent damage

I’ve seen many effective counters to SS:

  • Flame trio blitz using Frizzelion, Magmawurm, Infernowurm/Vulcawolf (in a coordinated effort, it can take down SS fast).

  • Triphoon: especially with BA using the Brash Beat (this also takes down Kamiwurm)

  • Another SS with Chillqueen

  • Terrorfish:Endbringer

  • Metal Spider: after 200TU

  • Knockback

were all effective counters to SS when I have her out in my starting lineup.