Malwing always sleeps the stun immune...


Just lost 3 fcking games in a row cus of that god damn bird allways i mean always put my stun immune stun bomb to sleep
Random sleep entrance my ■■■ iff you devs cant program it right ( as allways) then dont release it id


Ya my leo just got slept by malwing too. Shocking.


I’ve only seen 1 time out of about 30 when Leo wasn’t slept. This is not random! Fix this devs!


The one time that happened was valza or tygo on the field?


Maybe Angelion is the perfect counter then. We need more stun immune + sleep immune monsters!


And to think everyone slept on malwing when he was first released (pun intended) :sleeping:


I did not lol. I rolled 9 to get him. And my 9th was nightrider. Then I was out of moneys.

But I knew Malwing would be the hero here.


Malwing always make my tygo asleep. And the most anoying thing is when he is poisoned - even when he is suppose to be safe from sleep, there is this bug who alloe monsters to fall asleep until thr first tick, and since he get it turns right away - he sleep in it and goes back to around 130 tu. Its like malwing stuns him :face_with_head_bandage:


I hate that they put S+ tier and garbage tier in the same egg for the 6th guaranteed.


Thats just neo.


Yup. Bro @MonkeyDluffy knows all the details of the poison glitch failures tho.


It has happened with me also, annoying af.
It should be addressed thou,
Despite being poisoned sleep entrance puts someone at sleep, basically a prolonged procedure for game to understand that it’s not asleep -_-

Same thing is with centaureon,
It comes in against a auto poison in enemy, instant purify & it’s shield remains, maybe it’s in the mechanics of the game …

@Dev_VKC can you give some insight into this ??


The one off was celestrom for reasons I can’t explain. Oddly he seems to get hit by Zeus lightning enterance all the time… :thinking: