Malwing rng

Every time i play against malwing he always sleep the right monster. I know his passive is rng but i swear since he came into the game this has been happening. It can’t be rng anymore. Anybody else having this happen to them?

neo rng

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Everyone. Also, in a match my game froze when tridrakhqn came onto the field

When i use skill Blowback. And he come back fiend again. Its sleep entre himself. I see that error very many time.

Yea look at my random moves thread. It’s proven some mons are more likely than others…

I have Malwing myself. I have the feeling it seems to sleep the one with fewest seconds (after the stun) more than any of the others. I don’t have any data to prove it, but it seems to be that way.

I’ve been getting some bad luck fighting Magma with its “random enemy” hit. I swear it gets the best sweeper each time. The only time it didn’t hit the best possible monster to hit was when it hit Aegisdragon lol.

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What does RNG mean?

Random number generator. Basically what computers use to calculate percentage. The computer uses a complicated formula which generates a random number within a range and then that number is translated into true or false depending on what that number has been assigned to mean. For example, if 75% is the chance then 75% of the numbers will be assigned as “true”.

Slight simplification but that’s pretty much it.

Mag has a slayer move so all of his moves are not random and i agrees with what you said about malwing. That monster more aggy than most

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