Sleep and RNG in your favor

First of all, clarify that I am not the only one that is causing this type of problem, but many more players, in monsters like Malwaring and Sobeking, it seems that they have +90% From sleeping to the counter paralyzer, converter or immune to the stun that therefore comes to play. Something else I would like to bring up regarding sleep is the shameless “20%” of Sakuralist, since that 20% almost never fails, it seems 80%.

as ive explained before - dreamy entrance hits the next opponent monster in the turn queue 9 times out of 10. because tranquilizers also stun monsters it pushes stun counters and converters forward in the turn queue and non stun immune monsters are pushed back so there is less chance of them being hit.

Simply put - if the stun effect happened AFTER the sleep effect then the sleep rng would be more randomized.

100% agree about sakuralisk. everybody who uses sakuralisk or has faced it knows that the chances of being slept are higher than the 20% (1 in 5 monsters) advertised. i think what happens is because sakuralisk has double repulse it is essentially a 40% chance of sleeping a monster and since its usually used with other knockback monsters or repulse monsters then it increases that chance further still.

36% but yes it’s more or less that (assuming the RNG is near to completely random on that)


I thought I was the only one this happened to. In this last season he used a lot of converters to counter the stun, and always those who were going to hit fell asleep, that’s obviously not random as he says in his description. I had a lot of bad times because of it. Sometimes this kind of thing makes me hate the game a bit, and the worst part is that the devs don’t do anything to fix it.

If they want me to sleep next At least they put it in the monster’s description, not “Random”

All I see is a lot of hearsay and misinformation.

Sakuralisk’s rng is probably fine but some of the other sleep skills like OoO are genuinely broken.