Lyrux's sprites!

Well, i guess I’ll put my sprites here, and I’ll take requests. They can be anything you want (besides humans)

Ex. random_zpsc27fd62b.png


You can put them in your signature, avatar, or just have them on your computer!

jjchen. please. make me a pidove sprite. wearing a chullo. and a scarf that matches its eyes. and if you can, make it plaid?

something like this:


but better

and cuter

and with color

and with your awesome jjchen spriting skills


chullo (maybe match its scarf as well?)


scarf (but… matching pidove eyes?)


Sorry to make such a big detailed request, but I know you can do it! If you don’t have time, though, it’s totally fine. 

I really, really want to see this. I second Reset’s request. Please do.

I’ll make it, and i may shut down the thread after hi release due to playing hi and a ton of exams and hw.

I’ll lock it if you shoot me a message, Lyrux

Thanks a lot man!

And that’s a shame, but I understand. Good luck with your exams and have fun with HI. x>

I know the feel man, know the feel.  Wish you the best of luck on your exams!  Looking forward to your work and enjoy Hunter Island!