Pretty Please?

Hey all. I’d really love a banner or sig, whatever you wanna call it. I’m a dragon fanatic. Therefore, I’d love to have one that says my title, “Tiberius - The Dragon Legend” with Kamiwyrm, Hydrablazer, Triphoon, Cyberwyrm, and Cryowyrm if possible. If it has to be cut down…Hydrablazer, Cyberwyrm, and Triphoon are necessary. I’d honestly rather have them all, but I’m not picky.

…okay, I lied. I am quite picky. I’d like to make this into something similar to a contest. Whoever makes a banner that I absolutely love…umm…I’d like to give a lot of powerful Arkadions, but we don’t have a way to do that…hmm…I will offer my services as a personal PvP helper, as well as descriptions to 3 exclusive PvP teams that I either A) Don’t plan on releasing to the public or B ) that I released, but did not release a description for.

So yeah…sorry that’s all I can offer.

Thanks a bunch! <3

I would help but my banners and such look awful, theres always backround from original image or i cut part of it out. And they are blurry.

Ask kiltedcobra he made mine

Kitty - Now now, I’m sure they aren’t that bad. But that’s fine, i guess. Thanks though :slight_smile:

Jean - will do, thanks n.n

Is this good?


I love it. It’s the best work I’ve seen so far. I’d use it, but for some reason the forum won’t let me add that to my signature. It said “Error - No way. You’re welcome in advance, kid.”

Not sure what that means.

But i tried my very very very best  :( i even added special affects around ur name

I know, and thanks for that man. But like I said, the forums won’t let me. I’ll even prove it to you.


Made this for you. Dropped the cryowyrm as it looked very crowded and there wasn’t much definition, I hope you don’t mind :slight_smile:


See tiberius he is a genius when it comes to banners!

Why thank you Jeannette!

That is absolutely fantastic! Thank you very much! :smiley:

And i love ur banner tib , the name letters are very cool

Yepyepyep, it’s great.

Too bad the forums wouldn’t let me upload the other one. I would have loved to have two. :stuck_out_tongue:

Which other one?


Aah that beautifull one, too bad yes haha

Are all the dragons in that pic released?

Nope those are : Cyrowyrm, Kamiwyrm and if I remember right Cyberwyrm? 

The first one ( same as his avater ) is Triphoon an evolution of Windra ( if im right ! )

These will be released soon and Kamiwyrm is the fusion of the 7 S grade Orblings u get from PVP.

Also Kilted is it possible to get one text added to my banner? The text : The Collector 

If you could thanks in advance.

No problem Jeannette, I think the same style I did Tiberius’ “Dragon Legend” text would go well with yours. Gimme a minute :slight_smile: