Luxknight, Shadowlance, or Angelon

So I caught a B frostjack and a B cherub. I have a B leviathan and a S skullwaith. With these arks I can make luxkinght, shadowlance, or angelon but idk who to make. does anyone which of the three is better in the long run?

It’s really up to your personal preference. I would recommend just keep working at it and getting them all :wink:

If it were my choice and I HAD to choose I would pick Angelon all the way.

Those four arks allow you to make both skullwraith and Angelon. I’d go four those two first, but luxknight is really good too, you should make a point to fuse him as well.

You mean shadowlance Jordan :slight_smile:  but yeah he’s absolutely right. Plus an S skullwraith and a B cherub will make an A shadowlance which is great! I still definitely recommend continuing the grind to get a luxknight eventually though.

Wasn’t thinking clearly here! Skullwrath and frostjack= shadowlance of course :stuck_out_tongue:

I suggest Angelon over Luxknight over Shadowlance, but thats just me. I feel that Angelon offers more versatility over the other two as it can hit hard and support with haste and offering as opposed to Luxknight and Shadowlance who are mainly just damage dealers. Plus its a mother flippin angel dragon. You cant go wrong with an angel dragon.

^ agreed

Angelon (it has very nice move set) > Luxknight (powerful holy hitter, can one-shot the most powerful Dark Arks) > Shadowlancer (the only good thing it has is metal slash…)

Ahaha couldn’t have said it better myself! Who doesn’t want an angel dragon?

@Hududle you skullwaith and cherub dont make anything lol. I guess I could go for angelon and shadowlance and try to find a high grade cherub and frostjack for luxknight

haha you’re right! skullwraith and frostjack do >.< it’s been awhile since I fused them and I’m a bit tired  :wacko: I think everyone can agree on Angelon though :slight_smile:

Catch more and make all 3

yeah get all 3 although I don’t use my shadowlance angelon and luxknight are pretty good! :slight_smile:

Get all three…Angelon is the best though

Yep indeed that Angelon is the best of the three so make that A high grade one

Of those, the only one I got was Shadowlance and it’s a killer !