Angelon opinions

i just got a D rank cherub and C rank levi what should i do now? get a S rank levi or stick to it and use the pvp thingy to increase its rank, oh and where to find the angelon recipe thanks in advance!

I would try to get at least an A rank Angelon, it’s a real good monster. I wouldn’t use grade boosters on it, though.

I never really trained it so i dont know but if i hear others angelon is pretty good

I found that it is hard to farm an S/A grade Angelon because both Levi and Cherub are hard to find.

Don’t waste the grade boosters on Angelon, save them for Omegawyrm etc.

Been hunting for hours now still can’t find a rank a or s Levi

Levi isnt hard to find

An S rank is :slight_smile:

Lol levis not hard for you?!?! Your lucky then because the shortest time it took me for a levi is about 1 1/2-2 hours so i just made a e rank angelon because ive spent 12 hours and the best ive gotten is D

Grade is more important for PVP.

Haste is currently not working properly in PVP, meaning that the only purpose of getting an S grade Angelon is for Rend (you don’t need an S grade for Offering). Its AOE is too weak in PVP.

Whether it is worth the effort is up to you. I will spend the effort on getting an S rank Plasmorex instead. :slight_smile:

Haste seems to be working fine for me in PvP. I don’t look at the actual TU displayed on the abilities, I just look at what’s actually happening in the battle.

DO you remember where did you find the angelon recipe ? I am at Yelan and still didin’t get it

thank u

Angelon is at crescent island, later in the game.

Ok, thank you very much !

I am finding it hard trying to get an A or S rank Levi. I have 2 B rank Cherubs ready for fusing with an A frostjack or Levi. I have a B rank Angelon and Luxknight. And the arks that I fused didn’t take long to catch. Maybe 15-20 minutes each.

Yeah getting an S one is hard!

It only takes me about 10 to 15 min. to find a Levi
I have a B rank Angeleon.