Luxknight or Angelon?

Hey guys, new player here - was wondering which of the two I should make first?

I’m planning to hunt for more Cherubs later though

Right now, I’m kinda leaning towards Angelon but I want to know from you guys :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

Angelon hands down for me

Angelon but definitely go back for that Luxknight

Angelon it is but I sure will come back for Luxknight, thanks :slight_smile:

Yup u should. Lux is the best attacking holy ark for now but angelon rocks in all defense, speed and attack.

Both haha , theyre both very good!

Angelon. Haste is absolutely invaluable in PvP. Plus it destroys death monsters.

As you can see Angelon is favoured. Go for lux again if you can. :3 gl and hope you get a good ranked one

Hey, Luxknight has feelings too! You guys are as cold-hearted as a Coldheart. Geez.

…but yeah, Angelon is much better. :stuck_out_tongue:

Luxknight is a cold hearted warrior. With chicken legs xD he has no feelings

I like both but angelon deffinitely holds an advantage. You should definitely go back to get lux though

I use both to not have a disadvantage

Angelon. Its single attack and AOE are more powerful than Luxknight (at least in PVP), though longer TU. Plus Angelon has haste and heal.

hehe thanks all, just got them, both are awesome :smiley:

How do you get luxnight

There is plenty of information about that on the forum, a simple search can help you (and I made a list for that purpose).

And it’s not on topic here.

I wish people would stop bumping old threads.