Angelon or Luxknight?

Which fusion is the best one? I have just caught the little cherub.

Angelon, Angelon, angelon.
Or catch another cherub

I suggest Angelon for PvP, though both are good. 

Angelon does strong damage, but it also has a very important ability: haste. Furthermore, it can heal when it is almost dead. These two abilities make it far superior. 

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I like both but if i had to choose one i would do angelon and id go for a good rank levi and cherub so you can get some BA’s which are great

What are BA’s Kitty?

I am going to get a Luxknight eventually. I was wondering which one to fuse first. I’ll be getting a Cherub that I won’t be fusing eventually too.


Bonus actions

Ahh. My cherub is rank B and Levi rank C.

Does anyone know the spawn rate for an A or S rank Levi?

The spawn rate of a Levi  keeps the same the only thing that changes are the chance of getting the S or A grade

Do you know what the chances are then? I have a B rank Cherubion and I don’t really want to waste it.

There is a topic where someone had the percentages for the ranks but I dont know where it was.

I tought they said it would be 1,5% of getting an S rank or even lower

Well I have a B rank Angelon now and have realised that Sanctolamb has offering and haste too…

Angelon is way better, Sanctolamp is a sac machine, if it lives to do anything that is.

Don’t worry you made a solid choice on your angelon. =D

Angelon is indeed the better choice altough Luxknight isnt bad at all

I still have 2 rank B cherubs. I used a rank C cherub and B Levi for my Angelon. Gonna save these 2 for when I get an A rank frost and Levi.

When I was catching my rares I would settle for anything b or better. Worked out well for me.

B or higher is good enough…

I’ve had an A rank frostjack before for an earlier fusion. Didn’t take that long so I’m gonna wait for one until I fuse Luxknight. I have everything for a B rank one.

Then ur lucky I normally find D or E and sometimes Im like to find an C:P