Luxknight or Angelon?

Which is the better fusion Luxknight or Angelon? I have a lvl 75 cherubion and don’t know which to make

Angelon is usually the better choice. More versatile with haste and offering as well as being able to deal decent damage. Luxknight is good too but is only good for damage.

Also I said this before and I say it again, you can never go wrong with a mother flippin angel dragon.

Eventually you will want both. But yes Angelon first.

Thanks I think I’ll fuse angelon

Angelon would be better first then go for luxnight.

Yeah my choice would be Angelon first aswell

I have made both fusions and Angelon is the better choice
Where can I find another cherubion?

Look in lachzeers thread there is the location of cherubion

Yes Angelina is by far the best
Angelon I’m mean stupid auto correct

Angelon is better in some ways

angelon is better because you can use this ark as damager, healer, etc… now i already have 4 angelon and only 2 luxknight :slight_smile: