Egg Spin Suggestions

It seems that it is possible (though quite difficult) to time the eggs such that you can consistently receive the 5,000 gold reward and build up very large sums of gold. The success level of the timing methods suggests that one could essentially earn an infinite amount of gold if he or she practiced enough to master the spin. 

I think that this is an issue. I don’t think anyone should be allowed to gain so much gold. Even though it’s quite difficult to master, people can practice and get there at some point. For each person that succeeds, I think the overall quality of the game is lowered (these people have an unfair advantage in PvP and in missions). 

So, here are some ideas to fix this issue:

  1. Randomize each slot in the egg spin before it comes into view. Instead of having a set pattern that keeps repeating, have each slot be random so that there is no pattern. This would make the wheel truly random and unable to be timed. 

  2. Randomize the stopping speed, so that it may take 3 seconds to stop, or it may take 6, as examples. Again, this would make it impossible to time.

  3. Take out the 5,000 and 500 gold rewards completely.

  4. Only make the 5,000 gold appear once every x amount of eggs. Maybe it would appear on the 10th egg you receive. (A value that would prevent gaining infinite gold would be necessary). 

  5. Replace the 5,000 gold with a reward of very high value but that isn’t gold, and that can only be received one time.

  6. Allow the 5,000 gold prize to only be awarded one time.

  7. Replace the 5,000 gold egg prize with a few extra egg spins (as was suggested. But please don’t add the 5,000 gold in the extra spins. This way, you would get multiple rewards that come from multiple spins, but in those multiple spins, 5,000 gold isn’t an option). 

Just some ideas. Feel free to suggest your own.

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2 is my personal favorite.

5 is interesting though…I’d be fine with both.

I’d like to see how well I do based on luck only. n.n

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I don’t mind as either way I don’t do the eggs but I guess if people think so then just randomise it. At least if it’s purely random then it would render every argument over whether it is or isn’t random redundant and furthermore, nobody would be fairly or unfairly disadvantaged.

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I like 1 the most. I’d rather it be truly random. People timing and getting amazing things can certainly unbalance things. Especially since not everyone will be capable of learning timing (eye/nausea issues for example)

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I prefer number 1 over number 2. For those people trying time the eggs, number two will just increase their frustration. Moreover, those same people who figured out how to time the spin will more than likely find a pattern in the time it would take to stop the wheel as there WILL more than likely be one. Number 1 completely gets rid of all possibilities of a pattern being set to exploit. I also like number 5  and 7 as well.

6 is a little sketchy for me considering I actually landed on the 5k gold once. From that 5k of gold the only monsters of value that I managed to obtain were a Megalorex (garbage), Nilo, Meowzard and Halocat… Not all that significant. SO those of us who actually treat the wheel as a random winning will lose out on multiple possibilities of getting at that 5k gold slot down the road. Don;t get rid of it all together, just change some things up a bit to keep exploiters from exploiting.

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I think, as developers, it would be easier for you guys to change all the prize eggs/arkadions to one generic Hunter Island picture.  The rotations wouldn’t need to change that way and neither would any of the prizes.  People would see the same icon spinning in the wheel.  It would be less aesthetic or appealing to the eyes but would be a quick fix to stopping those who are timing their spins.

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Ia. I have eye issues myself so it’s definitely frustrating that some ppl can time it when I can’t

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Fully endorse this; #1 especially. And reset the gold obtained by egg timing abuse; there are a few admitted users on this forum who have stockpiled over $500 worth of timed gold, and many who have gathered even more. 

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1: I am fine with fixing the timing issue, preventing any timing. I suggested changing the speeds of the eggs, but I agree with many of the suggestions.

2: But…reset all of my gold? Do you realize that the gold I gained over time took over 20 hours of actual hardcore timing without breaks? It is a long process. And it is very taxing on the eyes. I would be outraged if all of my winnings were then taken away from me.

3: that last part…no. There are only a handful of people who have made more than 65,000 gold…actually, probably less. And I’m pretty sure I’m the only one to have successfully made above 125,000.

But again, realize that it was VERY difficult for me to get all of that, and making my hard work mean nothing is outrageous. Do you know what 20 hours can do? Let’s say that a PvP battle is about 5 minutes, and I usually finish off my opponents in less than that. I only take a long time to beat hackers, and I lose to betas…So let’s say 400 diamonds every 5 minutes, or 4800 every hour…20 hours…96000 diamonds. That’s a tenth of a Kamiwyrm. Imagine if you had 96,000 diamonds taken from you. And again, that is the minimum.


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Resetting gold isn’t a good idea. What if you reset people who did just get a few lucky spins? No, I’d rather the problem be fixed from here on, retroactively punishing people for something that was never stated to be against any rules doesn’t seem right.

Just more of a general comment, I think it’s important that the ability to time be done away with. You can use external metronome type applications and it’s not incredibly hard to time, and through timing you only end up with people who don’t need to race for the OM, as getting 5x fusions is all but guaranteed, and amassing a stockpile of gold/the best creatures with ease will only hurt the dev’s pockets, and likely cause the players to lose interest quicker since they now have everything.

Ive actually done it on another save file that ive since deleted and it isnt hard at all to do i didnt even have to use my eyes i simply put the numbers into a program and it did a countdown to tell me when to hit the button. On my main account ive only managed one egg only. Should be completely random imo

Just a thought: if the eggs became completely random, you’d have to seriously up the chance of landing a good ark wouldn’t you? As in, if there is currently a 1% (or whatever, and double for fever) chance of landing a starter, and the same for 4-5 other good arks, that means you have about a 5% chance of actually getting anything worth keeping, from an entirely random spin. That would therefore cost 20 eggs for one good monster, which is 6000 gold, which is $52 (Australian currency, i don’t know exactly how this converts, but it’s about US50, and that’s a decent sum). Most people could not justify spending that sort of money on eggs.

If we think about it, the main advantage of gold eggs is to get currently unavailable, high starred monsters, for PVP. Eventually all these will become available for collect-em-all players (not to mention, the gold egg rewards, for these people, are mostly useless as they only give the last evolution). As such, we need to provide people a sufficient incentive to buy eggs, so they can win PVP, and 6000 gold per high-star ark is pretty expensive. So the win rate would need to be about 20% I feel before people would be willing to spend anything.

The problem, in addition to Tiberius’ concern about effort spent, in retroactively resetting gold counts, is how could you tell if a person had gold because they’d bought it, got lucky, or timed it? In addition, and more importantly, most of the gold is spent on acquiring good arks, so the damage in PVP is already done. So then what? Take away all the arks from people who won them in eggs? What about those lucky enough to win something good? I don’t think retroactively punishing those who could, and did, work out the timing would solve anything. Simply changing it to random would eventually deplete the stocks of those who could time it, as they’d then be spending gold with no guarantee of winning more gold, or even good arks.

A couple of random thoughts: is the number of people who can time the eggs so great that the developers are losing significant amounts of money? If yes, then that is a serious issue that needs addressing. If not, however, then I think there is probably another solution to this problem of unbalanced PVP, which would be to, rather than have a rookie/veteran/expert league system, have a system of brackets for stars, for peoples’ teams. In other words, for example, have 5 different gamerooms that people could enter out of choice. For example: Gameroom 1: all arks have <5 stars. Gameroom 2: all arks <8 stars. Gameroom 3: all arks <10 stars, and Gameroom 4 is a free-for-all. Within each gameroom, you could have rookie/veteran/expert leagues, and diamonds could continue to be distributed via those leagues. The best part of this idea though is that it introduces massive strategy in the methods that people have for using their weaker arks, and means that those who cannot afford eggs, or time them, and are thus restricted largely to 8 or 8.5 star arks as a top level (think Leviathan, Georex, Raptorex etc etc) are still competitive, in their suitable gameroom. While those that can time or just buy their way to a crazy team full of Subzeratops, Charcalynx and the rest can battle it out with each other in the highest gameroom. And it means that those who are not very far through the game can enter PVP and actually be competitive. Because the way it stands, at the moment you won’t even win a game in rookie unless you’ve finished the 60 hour storyline.

(if this suggestion sounds good, I can post it into a more appropriate thread :stuck_out_tongue: )

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